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The best cuisine on the Adriatic and the crew that will make you feel like at home

We are bringing you all the reasons why divine gulet Aborda is an excellent choice for you and your group to discover the captivating Croatian coastline. Cruising with this boat will absolutely enrich your experience of discovering Croatia islands and picturesque towns in a fun and cozy atmosphere. It’s needless to say, gulet Aborda is a perfect mix of traditional and modern design with an emphasis on comfort and high-quality service, and it is very well maintained despite her age.

From Turkey to Croatia - how it all started?


Gulet Aborda was made in 1989 in Bodrum (Turkey), To be more precise two boats were made Aborda I and II, and ship’s designer was T. Soyaslan Design Bureau (Naval Architects) based in Istanbul. 

The boats were planned out to be motorsailers that look like Ketch type boats. Those Ketch boats are a cruiser with a mast in the middle and a smaller mast between the middle and the stern. The ship’s line has a prominent front bow with wide middle and a slightly curved stern. The knife shape line is an authentic design feature for this type of gulet, designed to achieve high speeds. An interesting fact is, that in the past during wars that sharp beam was used in ship piercing attacks of a rival ship, as well as quick placement along the other side of the ship.

To explain further, in the maritime world, the name Aborda comes from the French word Abordage that defines an attack on an enemy ship by knocking it in or engaging with it to take power over it. The first owner, at the same time the builder of the ship is Aegean Yacht who made the ship for the purpose of cruising with a capacity of 16 guests located in 8 cabins. However, things have changed, and today Captain and owner idea of buying a boat was born in 2002, he was inspired by the story of the maritime tradition of Račišća where his family comes from.


Račišce is a place that lays in the bay in the northeastern part of the island of Korčula, around 10 kilometers away from the town of Korčula. During the 18th and early 19th century, Maritime life was developed, and flourish before the Second World War. 

At that time, the fleet of Račište counted 34 amazing sailboats, as well as a lot of other types of boats that were in that time one of the largest in the Adriatic. Captains roots and hometown history truly inspired him to do a next daring step, and that is to buy and bring gorgeous gulet Aborda to Croatia.  Eventually, gulet Aborda came to Croatia and entered Croatian Register with the change of the yacht category to the „passenger ship“ because it had a larger capacity of 12 passengers and it fulfilled all the conditions of the Croatian Register for this category.

Soon after the categorization and Captains adaptation, the ship got its first Croatian crew which consists of Captain’s family members and overall makes a warm friendly atmosphere for everyone on board. That is the story of the beginning of Abordas transformation into a cruising gulet for touristic purposes.

Before going any further check out how gulet Aborda looked before the latest renovation.


ABORDA Sun deck

With great continuous effort and commitment to constantly improve the ship over the years, back in 2016, complete reconstruction and upgrading were made. 


That reconstruction was made with comfort and please of future guests on the mind, but also for the overall improvement of quality. is taking place for the enjoyment of guests as well as quality improvement.

This 30 meters long gulet provides enough outdoor and indoor space for all of its 14 guests on board. Each cabin is also quite spacious offering high levels of comfort. Furthermore, every cabin also has en-suite toilet and is air-conditioning, with plenty of storage space which is very convenient on your cruise. The indoor elegant salon provides loto of natural light and space, with a large yacht bar and dining table.

ABORDA Double cabin

Cabins are comfortable and cozy and accommodate up to 14 guests in 7 cabins.

However, the most inviting attractive area of the gulet is the deck, where you will spend the most of the day. On the stern deck, you will find a dining table which is a perfect area for socializing and enjoying meals with beautiful scenery in the background. On the bow deck for your leisure time and enjoyment during the afternoon in shade, there are sunbathing mattresses. You can also enjoy in the sun, read a book or whatever you prefer.


30 meters in length it really provides a lot of space on deck. You can experience forever changing stunning views and glorious sunsets.

A number of cruising programs on this gulet is vast, besides villages, towns, islands, and nice bays, you will experience wine tasting, trying various delicacies not only made by your Chef but also visiting local restaurants and rural households that crew can recommend. Experience the authentic island life with locals, explore historical and cultural heritage or stay active by enjoying with one of many available water sports or land activities.  Possibilities are endless.

Dubrovnik fortres

Cruise to most stunning destinations that are popular among many or go on getaways in secluded bays or perhaps visit the most amazing beaches in Croatia. Possibilities are endless!

Experienced Flexible Crew

You already could read some info about lovely Captain, but we will add that he has has been the Captain of Aborda for 7 years, with twelve-year experience behind him. He is very knowledgeable of the Adriatic coast and extremely reliable, professional but friendly person. The rest of the crew is also very attentive and experienced. They will make your cruise feel stress-free, fun and always try to bring a positive friendly atmosphere on board. Because a cruise is all about relaxing in a casual fun atmosphere. Cruising with Abroad offers guests a special experience of visiting the most astounding places and islands on the Adriatic coast.

Aborda crew

The crew consists of amazing members that will go an extra mile to make you feel special. The Captain is very experienced so it’s a guarantee you are in safe hands.

Of course, thanks to Captain long maritime tradition and experience you can expect to be offered with best tip and advice during the cruise. Needle to say, the crew is flexible and everything will be based on your wishes!  You can visit the islands with intact nature and beauty such as Vis, Lastovo, Mljet and many others.

Gourmet surprises

One thing that completes the offer Aborda provides, is traditional beyond delicious meals! A great emphasis is placed on gastronomy that is based on traditional Dalmatian cuisine but with a modern twist. Expect only the fresh local ingredients infused with homemade olive oil and herbs. Your personal award-winning Chef Dejan is already working for  8 years Aborda. He published his own book on fish and seafood delicate and was a participant in numerous cooking events as well as a member of the Macedonian Culinary Association and proud owner of many awards. His meals will surely please even the toughest critics out there. This is what brings the extra value to the cruise.

Aborda food

Meals will be prepared by your personal Chef. Meals will be not only tasty but pleasing to the eye too! Wake up all of your taste buds with the specialties served on board.


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Understanding your wishes

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