A day on a gulet

How a day on a gulet looks like

See how a day on a gulet looks & feels like

Jumping from a gulet on the sea

8:47 A fresh start:

I woke up and jumped straight into the sea. Refreshing!

Breakfast is served

9:17 Breakfast time:
Breakfast was served by a friendly crew. The view was striking…

Drinking on jacuzzi of a gulet

…followed by a nice drink and some fresh fruit.

10:17 Relaxing and enjoying:

The breakfast needed to settle in…while the captain was taking us to the next bay.


12:05 The gulet anchored:

12:17 Afternoon activities for everyone:

Reading a book on the deck of a gulet

Some people just pick their favorite book and take it easy.

Activities on gulet

1:48 Time for lunch:

All the action got me hungry! Time for lunch!

3:44 After lunch:

After lunch, we set sails for a new destination.

I wonder what we will see next.

Gulet sailing to the next destination

4:37 This is what I call cruising in style…

Sunbathing, relax, playing social games, exploring new places, and plan for afternoon-evening activities…

Cruising in style

5:15 Afternoon gathering:

We are taking it easy, sipping on drinks and approaching our next destination…

6:12 Visit coolest places:

Moored in front of one of the coolest places in the world.


Jumping from a gulet on the sea

8:54 Dinner time 

Time for a full table of various delicacies. Where should I start?

Dinner is served

The table is served…Yummy!

Party time on gulet

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