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Top 7 Preposterous Requests of VIP clients on a Gulet Holidays...

... that would make even Kim Kardashian blush

We asked gulet owners from Croatia, Turkey, and Greece what were some of the most amazing & funny & preposterous & super deluxe requests they got from their most DELUXE clients.

We gathered lots of them and we added some of our groups along the way.

Here are the top 7 requests that would make your day better.


7. Is this Water in my Jacuzzi!!

This was a classic example of Veni – Vidi – Vici.

  • A client arrived.
  • He liked the Jacuzzi on the board of a gulet.
  • He wanted it filled with champagne (only boring people swim in a Jacuzzi filled with water).

DONE – Happy times – Jacuzzi filled with Moet – HUGE TIPS AT THE END OF THE CRUISE.


6. Hm, I just can not decide which gulet would be perfect for me!

One client could not make a decision on which gulet to book.

Should he go with more of a modern type?
Would a “classic type” be better?


What about something “special“?
So what did he do? He booked and paid all 3 of them.
When he arrived in Turkey, he decided on the option he liked the most and left 2 other boats to stay in the harbour.


5. I wanna see a donkey! Fast!

A client (they were a family with children (girls and boys) ages from 7 – 12 years. They insisted they wish to see a donkey!
Easier said than done. The crew checked dozens of locations where they could be and THEY DID IT! They showed the donkey “proudly” and the guests went crazy. Why? Check out the picture below!


4. My Drinks demand special attention

When do you know you succeeded in your life? The answer is easy.

When you rent 2 gulets.

1 gulet is for you ….and the other gulet is for your………DRINKS!

Bodrum gulet cruises

3. Hummer – I hate Hummers! Hummers Suck – and so do you!!!

One of the clients ordered a LUXURY car for a transfer from Bodrum to Antalya. When the car arrived, everybody was in awe. Except for the client who went totally crazy. He wanted a Lamborghini and not a lousy Hummer!!

When the driver wanted to explain that roads in Turkey are not fit for a Lamborghini to drive (meaning it would be hard for a client to drive it to Antalya) the client insisted they could deliver it by a truck (thinking it was just hard to deliver it). The client was so angry he left all his luggage in Bodrum – they had to ship it after him – with a deluxe transfer.


2. Oscars “aint got nothing” on Turkey Gulet Cruise red carpet organization!

Husband and wife got into a fight on a gulet in Marmaris and his wife went to her cabin to soak. The husband and the crew went to action immediately.

To bring his wife out the crew made a “red carped road” from the yacht to a restaurant in Marmaris (around 50 meters long).

Then all the waiters from the restaurant, crew from gulet and carpet shop workers made a line on both sides of the carpet (several tourists joined, probably expecting Angelina Jolie or something similar) while her husband went to pick her up to her cabin.

While they were walking on the carpet everybody was clapping. It felt like the Oscars.

She forgave her husband

What we could not understand!?

The entire action happened in around 15 minutes time (fight, going to the cabin, red carpet organization – it was ultra fast)

When she went to her cabin, she was in her “non-formal shape”.

When she came out of the cabin 15 minutes later, she had full makeup on, an evening dress, nice hair – 100% ready! How she managed to prepare so fast will always stay a mystery…

ARABELLA Master bedroom

1. I am too good for a toilet!

This one wins – big time. Most of the requests are fun interesting challenges we always like to follow.
But sometimes people are crazy and no matter how much money they have – their requests are just preposterous and we do not do it / allow it.

Example: We had a client who decided he will not use a toilet! He went into his super luxury bathroom.

on the floor of the bathroom instead of the toilet and said:

“I paid a lot of money for this gulet – that is why I demand you clean my “sh….t” from the floor.

This is our TOP 7 requests, selected out of more than 50 we had on our list. Hope it gave you an idea of what we organize for some of our Super Deluxe VIP clients.

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