Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia

Why I love to visiting Mljet Island during a gulet cruise?

Why should you visit Mljet Island during a Croatia gulet cruise holidays?


There are at least 3 reasons to do so.


Reason no.1 is incredible nature.

Panoramic view of the Prozura bay, island Mljet, Croatia

Reason no.2 is St.Ann Island ( an island on an island?!?!).

Aerial view of Mljet Lake with Monastery of Saint Mary, Croatia.

The third reason no.3 is a nice monastery, super nice bays for swimming and a nice possibility for biking along the island.


What is the best way to check Mljet Island with a gulet?


You have 3 possibilities:


no.1 – Rent a gulet and start your cruise in Dubrovnik. Mljet is very close and it will be really easy to check it out.


no.2 – You can rent a gulet and start the gulet cruise in Split/Trogir and cruise to Mljet. In this case, the itinerary will be a bit longer, but it is possible.


no.3 – You can make a one way trip from Split – Dubrovnik or the other way around and check Island Mljet along the way.


Places to see on Mljet island!


The gulet will take you to Pomena.


Ultra nice village, where you only have a forest, small hotel, and nice little hotel beach.


From there you can walk (around 30 minutes) to national park through very nice pine forest and check the Island Mljet lake.


Yes. There is actually a lake on Mljet. And on this lake, you have another Island, where you can check the monastery, take a swim or have a nice lunch in amazing surroundings. 


You can also rent a guide who will explain you a bit about history, rent some bikes or just take a walk around.


If you like to read more about Island Mljet you can check also more on Wikipedia: Mljet on Wiki!


More info about Mljet you can find on this link:

This is the Island I talked about:


One of the amazing bays on Mljet!


Another Mljet Picture.


Mljet picture


This is the picture I took when we were walking from a gulet to St. Anne island!


Walking around the forest


Here is our Sales Director Alenka on busy Mljet Island harbor!


Mljet Port



Hope this gives you a good idea of what to expect on Island Mljet.


I always like to go back there.


If you are not sure the gulet cruise around Croatian Islands would be interesting learn from this brochures!


Mitja Mirtič



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