Gulet Arabella

K. T. Morin (Hong Kong) – Gulet Arabella

Just want to say we have had an absolutely amazing trip!!

Truly divine, the chef was incredible, the captain and the owner found us amazing places to anchor and wake up to turquoise waters and ruins to see, I think I am addicted.

Arabella has 2 super comfortable master cabins and all sorts of features that blow you away.

Arabella Master Cabin


Which places, towns, attractions did you visit?

We had a one-way cruise from Bodrum to Marmaris.  Between these, we checked Knidos, Datca, Orhaniye and lots of different bays around Hisaronu bay.

Your overall comments on the trip and the travel company:

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The evening dinners, daily land trips, doing lots of water sports and swimming in the sea.

Goolets company took huge effort to organize everything in advance and their representative in Turkey was TOP NOTCH.

Everything from transfer to gulet from the airport, to welcome drinks, to itinerary planning was done masterfully.

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?

We would probably stay at least 1 more day in Bodrum as it has so much to offer. From nightlife to castles, amphitheaters,  museums, shopping…We arrived a bit early on the first day and we immediately set sails and cruised away. We would have stayed in Bodrum at least for the first night and the next day also.

Bodrum Castle Mosque
What would be the advice you would give to your best friend interested in a gulet cruise?

Listen to the good advice of the agency. They cruised before and know what is important. I really appreciated their great advice and suggestions. Some of the things they planned for us shocked us (in a good way).

Goolets Crew

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