Gulet Grande Mare

J. Miller (UAE) – Gulet Grande Mare Review

Just a few words to tell you how satisfied we are: our cruise on gulet Grande Mare was outstandingly pleasant; comfortable boat, excellent and friendly crew (a great cook!) and unforgettable visits to different sites in Greece and in Turkey.

A special thank you to your representative who has been efficient and quite agreeable to talk to.

Thanks again to Goolets personnel to organize this for us.

Gulet Grande Mare
Which places, towns, attractions did you visit?

We made a Turkey & Greece combination which was just perfect.

Combination of Turkey cultural sites and nice bays along with some Greek islands  which enable you to go out of the gulet for a couple of dinners worked out perfectly for us.

I feel in love with Symi especially. It is nothing special and not even close as touristy as Rhodes for example -and this is precisely why I was so found of it.

I could stay there for entire week.

Also Bozburun was similar. Laid back village where nobody is bothering you.



Your overall comments on the trip and the travel company.

Andrej did a really remarkable job with setting everything up. We did not understand why it is so important to fill out 6 pages long document before arrival and going back and forth with all the info was pesky.

But when we arrived in Marmaris we noticed how important it is that the crew knows what to expect and what type of group we were.

The crew was really great. We did lots of water sports and not in 1 moment the crew did show any sign of the lack of the motivation. They always wanted to please and they made all our wishes came true.

We can very happily recommend Grande Mare and Goolets company to all the people that wish to go on a gulet cruise to Turkey.

Goolets Advice on Turkey Charter
What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

Beside Symi and Bozburun and trip out of the gulet, I was really impressed by dinners e had on board. Most of the nights we were anchored in bays. And the experience of eating outside, under the stars, with no people around, is amazing. And the food was great.

Dinner on gulet

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?

I would find flight tickets that would enable us to be on the gulet as soon as possible. As we arrived a bit late we had to spend our first night in Marmaris port, which was terrible. Very loud music, hard to sleep. We couldn’t wait to go out soonest possible. Also last night we were in the harbor also due to early flights. I would suggest staying in some nice bay close to your check out port and then taking a morning cruise there in the morning. Much more comfortable like this.


What would be the advice you would give to your best friend interested in a gulet cruise?

Do not save money on Food. Have a crew that speaks English fluently. Captain and sailor spoke perfect English here, but the chef not so good and explaining to him something was hard work. I could not imagine how the could organize themselves if the captain or sailor would not speak English. This is very important.


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