Arcipelago Pontino - Ponza

Join your one-week cruise in the Arcipelago Pontino, and experience a memorable adventure visiting some spectacular islands, beaches, and bays.




Cala Feola






Day 1 - Saturday: Cala Feola

The cliffs of Cala Feola are among the most beautiful.

We recommend going on a short hike to the very top for fantastic views. Once you arrive at your yacht, you will be served a welcome cocktail, and later you will have time to relax and enjoy a delicious dinner.

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Go Swimming 

Explore Cala Feola 

Dinner and Relaxation Onboard

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Day 2 - Sunday: Punta Della Madonna

Punta Della Madonna is a popular diving place, where you can explore the Grotte di Pilato, a complex cave system of tunnels and pools.

Later you will stop at the Faraglioni coastal oceanic rock formation for a quick swim followed by a tasty lunch. In the afternoon, you will cruise to Faro Della Guardia, where you can explore an amphitheater. The night will be spent in the harbor with dinner served onboard.

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Enjoy Local Bars and Restaurants 

Drink Rose on the Beach 

Cruise to Faro Della Guardia 


Day 3 - Monday: Palmarola - Cala del Porto

On Monday you will sail to Palmarola, a mostly uninhabited island with pristine nature and crystal clear sea.

This hidden gem holds colorful pebble-stone beaches and tropical water. In the afternoon you will arrive at little bay, Cala del Porto, where you can enjoy watersports and gorgeous beaches.

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Watersports and Active Day 

Swimming and/or Snorkeling at Cala Brigantina

Beach Day 

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Day 4 - Tuesday: Ponza

When visiting Ponza a must-visit is the gorgeous beach Lucia Rosa and Le Cattedrale di Palmarola, a cathedral made of rocks that stretches from the sea to the sky.

Later on, you will sail to Baia di Cala Feola beach for more leisurely time in the sun. There are a few bars and restaurants where you can taste local gastronomic delights. The day will end in Frontone, where you can go on a stroll around the town.

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Castello di Frontone 

Historic Tour and Exploration 

Visit Frontone


Day 5 - Wednesday: Ventotene

After breakfast, you’ll sail to Ventotene, a small island off the western coast of Italy.

Ventotene has held an authentic feel, and it is an excellent place to escape the crowds. The island’s highlights include ancient Roman ruins and an excursion to the neighboring island of Santo Stefano. Here you’ll find volcanic black sand beaches that are mesmerizing.

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Explore Island of Ventotene 

Visit Porto Santo Stefano 

Relax and Enjoy Local Food 

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Day 6 - Thursday: Palmarola

In the morning you will sail past Ventotene beaches and arrive back to Ponza in the afternoon.

You can enjoy happy hour with a stunning view of Chiaia di Luna beach. After that, you will reach the mostly uninhabited island of Palmarola. This place is unique, isolated, and stunning!

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Relaxing and Dinner Onboard 

Swimming and Snorkeling 

Fun with Watersports 


Day 7 - Friday: Arco Naturale - Capri Island

In the morning you will take a tour of the Arco Naturale, a Paleolithic rock formation that formed via erosion over many years.

From this arch you can admire stunning views over the Sorrentine Peninsula. There is also an option to enjoy an excursion/trek into the Ponza Island wilderness to admire Mediterranean nature at its best, along with breathtaking views.

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Swimming and Watersports 

Explore Ponza Island

Relaxing and Dinner

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Day 8 - Saturday: Check-out

The time to say goodbye to your yacht and crew has arrived. After breakfast, check-out is anytime up until 09:00 a.m.

We advise you to confirm check-out logistics and onward planning (e.g. transfer to the airport) with your Goolets Advisor during the finalization procedure (prior to departure, your Advisor will assist with your itinerary/ preferred route, and finalise details).
We are here to help you make sure all these transitions are organized and completed in a smooth and efficient way.

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Last Day Excursions

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