Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast - Sorrento Peninsula

Explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast and quaint hilltop haven of Sorrento followed by all the picturesque villages, beaches, and more.










Day 1 - Saturday: Amalfi

Amalfi is one of the pearls of southern Italy, and the oldest Marine Republic of Italy.

Here you can explore Amalfi's colorful boutiques, restaurants and gorgeous beaches. In the evening you will enjoy dinner onboard your yacht and relax ahead of your departure next morning.

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Visit Amalfi Cathedral

Explore the Valle Delle Ferriere

Enjoy Dinner with a Glass of Limoncello

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Day 2 - Sunday: Sorrento

Sorrento is a gorgeous historic city with many attractions located around its main Tasso Square.

Stop for an espresso in the sun or an aperitif before lunch. With gorgeous views, history, beaches, shops, and of course a glass or two of local limoncello, Sorrento has something for everyone.

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Eat Italian Gelato 

Stroll the Narrow Alleys 

Wander through a Lemon Grove


Day 3 - Monday: Acciaroli

The remote village of Acciaroli is a charming place that still has its ancient fishing traditions and looks.

With beautiful beaches and magnificent landscapes protected by ancient castle walls, Acciaroli is a marvellous place to explore. We recommend strolling through the historic center around pretty cobbled streets where you can enjoy sipping a glass of wine.

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Explore Acciaroli Village

Enjoy a Glass of Wine

Dinner and Relaxation Onboard

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Day 4 - Tuesday: Pioppi

After a quick morning swim, you will head to the beautiful town of Pioppi. This waterfront town retains its old character and Italian charm.

Enjoy a walk around the bay with an eye-catching waterfront promenade and wonderful views over the hills. The gorgeous uncrowded beaches make this destination a delight.

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Go Swimming 

Enjoy the Beach 

Explore Pioppi


Day 5 - Wednesday: Palinuro

Palinuro is an Italian small town, popular due to the cleanliness of its waters and stunning beaches.

Here you can explore its history, stroll up the hill of Molpé to admire the exquisite landscape, or perhaps visit the Antiquarium or lighthouse of Capo Palinuro. There are also the enchanting caves of the Cape where you can enjoy an afternoon excursion.

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Go Hiking 

Go Diving 

Enjoy Local Food 

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Day 6 - Thursday: Scario

After breakfast, you will cruise to Scario, a colorful beach town.

Follow the charming street along the sea and discover many local restaurants and the docks full of fishing boats and fishermen. Splendid beaches are reachable only by sea or mountain trails, so you can enjoy them in privacy. Here you can also visit caves where Neanderthal remains have been found.

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Enjoy the Sunshine 

Explore Narrow Roads and Promenade 

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Day 7 - Friday: Maratea

Maratea is a hill village and a lovely destination for a peaceful stay.

It is known for its beautiful scenery and coastline that has been called, "The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian". Enjoy the variety of landscapes, varying from amazing sea views to wooded hillsides and majestic mountains. Later, you can head to the beach or go back onboard to enjoy dinner.

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Explore Maratea

Visit Outdoor Café in the Piazza Buraglia 

Dinner and Relaxing Onboard

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Day 8 - Saturday: Check-out

The time to say goodbye to your yacht and crew has arrived. After breakfast, check-out is anytime up until 09:00 a.m.

We advise you to confirm check-out logistics and onward planning (e.g. transfer to the airport) with your Goolets Advisor during the finalization procedure (prior to departure, your Advisor will assist with your itinerary/ preferred route, and finalise details).
We are here to help you make sure all these transitions are organized and completed in a smooth and efficient way.

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