Charter a yacht, and you will become a member of an exclusive group of visitors to the Caribbean. A group that gets to experience much more of the Caribbean islands than anyone else; in a unique, luxurious, and memorable style.”

There are around 7.000 islands that make up the Caribbean. Most visitors get to see only one or two during their visit, and they are missing out on so many hidden gems. A crewed chartered yacht is the best way to experience these beautiful islands, and it allows you to visit a different piece of paradise every day.

Of course, to those that have chartered a crewed yacht before, it becomes something of a habit, and they tend to be drawn back for more. These people know the routine, and hiring for a couple of weeks of island-hopping becomes second nature to them.

However, what if you’ve never rented a boat before, let alone a crewed yacht in the Caribbean? Where do you start?

This article aims to provide you with a beginners’ guide on renting a yacht in the Caribbean.