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Here are our top yachts to charter in The Caribbean

UTOPIA Cruising


  • 71.60 Meters
  • 6 Cabins
  • 12 Guests
  • From $ 435.000 to $ 465.000

This yacht justifies her name with her huge internal volume, unprecedented glazed areas, and highly automated systems.



  • 49.45 Meters
  • 7 Cabins
  • 12 Guests
  • From $ 150.000 to $ 190.000

Originally built for Malcolm Forbes by De Vries in 1986, this yacht was fo the longest time one of the best-known symbols of big business, plying the east coast of the USA as a corporate yacht for Forbes magazine.

STAR SHIP Cruising

Star Ship

  • 43.5 Meters
  • 5 Cabins
  • 12 Guests
  • From $ 115.000

Star Ship is one of the most luxurious yachts in the Caribbean & the Bahamas. She features a vast range of water sports toys, a jacuzzi and an open deck space in 3 levels.

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Sweet Escape

  • 39.6 Meters
  • 6 Cabins
  • 12 Guests
  • From $ 99.000

Sweet Escape is a great motor yacht for those who want to escape to the beautiful Caribbean islands.

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Sea Axis

  • 38.1 Meters
  • 5 Cabins
  • 12 Guests
  • From $ 87.500

Sea axis has a very bright and welcoming interior due to her large windows. She is a great option for water sports lovers since she offer a vast range of equipment and 2 great tender boats.

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  • 31.71 Meters
  • 4 Cabins
  • 8 Guests
  • From $ 62.000 to $ 70.000

Built by the iconic Southern Wind Shipyards, Crossbow mixes advanced materials and construction techniques with well-established craftsmanship. The yacht is built for long-distance cruising but is just as nice for inshore waters.

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  • 54.6 Meters
  • 13 Cabins
  • 26 Guests
  • From $ 64.000

Chronos is a great option for large groups that are looking for private escape in the Caribbeans. She is one of the rarest sailing yachts that can accommodate up to 26 people.

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  • 47.9 Meters
  • 20 Cabins
  • 40 Guests
  • From $ 60.000

Arabella is a great sailing yacht for large groups and special events since she can carry up to 149 guests.

Learn more about Arabella
RHEA Sailing


  • 54.6 Meters
  • 14 Cabins
  • 28 Guests
  • From $ 64.000

Rhea is a classic catch available for private charter around the Caribbean islands. She can accommodate up to 24 people.

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  • 26 Meters
  • 5 Cabins
  • 10 Guests
  • $ 55.000

One of the most popular yachts in the British Virgin Islands. Perfect for small groups of friends or families. She features a vast range of water sports toys and a larger platform for easy access to the sea.

Learn more about Angeleyes
NELENA Cruising


  • 22.6 Meters
  • 3 Cabins
  • 6 Guests
  • $ 37.500

One of the performer yachts in The Caribbean, Nelena can go as fast as 40 knots per hour.

Learn more about Nelena

Star Of The Sea

  • 34.5 Meters
  • 5 Cabins
  • 12 Guests
  • $ 36.000

Star of the Sea is a nice Benetti yacht that features many amenities such as a jacuzzi and at-Anchor stabilizers.

Learn more about Star Of The Sea

Blue Horizon

  • 18.8 Meters
  • 3 Cabins
  • 6 Guests
  • $ 29.500

Highly refined and tank-tested hull for a smooth, soft, and stable ride.

Learn more about Blue Horizon
IMPULSE Anchored


  • 26.5 Meters
  • 3 Cabins
  • 7 Guests
  • $ 27.000

Impulse is a 3 cabin yacht with a large sitting area, Jacuzzi, and hardtop shade on the flybridge.

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Bella Contessa

This yacht has great value for money she features many amenities such Jet ski, Tube ride, Water slide, Inflatable floating island.

Learn more about Bella Contessa
CUAN LAW Anchored

Cuan Law

This 32-meter crewed catamaran is one of the largest in the Caribbean water. She can accommodate up to 20 people in her 10 double cabins. 

Learn more about Cuan Law
EQUINOX Anchored


Equinox is a nice 24.6-meter yacht she can accommodate up to 6 guests in her 3 double cabins. This yacht features many amenities like 2 Jet skis, Kneeboard, Wakeboard.

Learn more about Equinox

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Frequently asked questions about yacht charter in the Caribbean

Starting at € 20.000per week up to € 800.000 per week. Some additional costs may be food, drinks, private marinas, A.P.A., port, and tourist taxes... Or if you have some preferences that are not included in the price.

Personal assistant, professional preparation for the cruise, route planning, during the cruise support, fuel for cruising, and the service provided by the crew.

Food, drinks, port and tourist taxes, which are paid by the APA system (Advance Provisioning Allowance), transfers, flight tickets, entrances to the national parks, private marinas...

We know that organizing a yacht charter holiday is not that easy. First, you need to pick the right yacht from 100s of boats available for private charter, handcrafting the right routes according to desired activities and group structure. But if you plan the right way with the help of our expert who will know how to put it all together, you will have the best holiday of your life.

This type of holiday is ideal for those who love a little bit of adventure and to be on the go. Depending on your group structure, it can be adapted to family holidays, cruising with children, seniors, or simply friends. You will get to experience some of the Caribbean islands which are the most beautiful places on the planet in the luxury and comfort of the yacht.

The length of yachts varies from 27 up to 49 meters.

There are from 5 to 20 cabins onboard that can accommodate from 10 up to 38 persons.

There is also a large salon, as well as the Dining area on the Aft deck where you can enjoy sights of the Caribbean islands while eating.

We could easily compare cabins on board with hotel rooms. Cabins are spacious with space for large suitcases and wardrobe for clothes with Ensuite bathrooms. Air condition can be manually controlled in each cabin and it is available 24 hours per day.

Crew varies from yacht to yacht. Usually, there is between 5 to 10 crew waiting to host you on board. Service is at a high level.

There are some basic watersport toys such as Paddleboards, Kayaks, Inflatable toys, water skiing, Jet ski, Ringo and banana ride, Wakeboard... As for the motorized watersports, we can arrange it according to your preferences.

Our yachts can host from 2 up to 30 people.

Yachts are usually faster than gulet. The cruising speed of a yacht is between 10 and 20 knots.

Usually, there is a large jacuzzi, large deck with sun pads for endless sunbathing, swimming pool, bar, water skiing, jet ski, Donut ride; on request, 2 kayaks, 2 paddleboards...etc.

Yachts in our portfolio are brand new or a maximum 4 years old. And are renovated every year.

There are four main areas for cruising in the Caribbean: The Leeward Islands, The Windward Islands, Greater Antilles, Leeward Antilles, or The Bahamas.

Typical layout consists of: bellow deck, main deck or upper deck, Aft deck. From 5 up to 20 cabins. More than 150 m2 of sun deck areas.

Life will be good when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are tailored to your personal tastes and when at least equipped with your favorite brands. Before the cruise, you give us a list of your preferences, allergy, disrespect, and your favorite brands. We mix them with the best local meals and prepare you with the chef before your arrival.

As there is high demand each season the best time to book it would be at least one year in advance in order to be able to choose preferred departures and get the best deals.

Our main goal is that every detail during your cruise is determined according to your preferences. 5 weeks before your holiday, you are assigned your personal assistant, who will advise you on all possibilities and help you match them with your cruise routes. We have 3 main categories and suggestions:

  • Active holiday (scuba diving, water-sports, hiking, rafting, snorkeling)
  • Gourmet holidays (wine tasting, interesting restaurants, culinary tours)
  • Holidays for explorers (history tours, guided tours, land excursions)

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Understanding your wishes

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