Goolets mission

What is Goolets agency mission?

We are a family business located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Our motto is: “Providing a premium experience by knowing exactly what we’re selling.”


We wish to organize best holidays of their lives to 10.000 people in next 5 years.

We started out 10 years ago by educating ourselves about the market itself. We wanted to provide our customers with an experience of a lifetime. We realize that even though most of the gulets out there are great, a potential customer can be a bit lost when it comes to choosing their perfect cruise.

Goolets Team Building

We want to be that friend that takes you on your dream cruise! Our service can be vital to your experience, especially if you are a first timer and know nothing about cruises. Chances are, you’ve never even heard of a “Gooh-let” until today!

Goolets staff

We strive to provide you with the perfect experience by educating you about gulets themselves. Our goal is to inform you about what to expect on a gulet cruise, what array of activities are available, what places you can sight-see, what can be advantageous to your specific situation when booking your gulet and so much more.

To do this, we try to get as much feedback from you as possible.

Our inquiry form may be a bit longer than usual, but the more information you give us about your preferences, requirements, habits etc. the better the chances of providing you with a cruise that is practically tailor made! To see our expert service and mentality, please take a minute to watch this short video.

We also want to know as much as possible about the vessels we provide.
We personally inspect each gulet, their owners, the crew and the general atmosphere of the gulet we know exactly what to recommend to our clients.

Goolets mission


We know it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

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