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Gulet Nostalgija Review and Inspection trip

Gulet Nostalgija is 25 meters gulet with 5 air-conditioned cabins and 3 crew. The price of the gulet is under 1.000 €/person/week including food.

But this post is not about the technical info of the gulet.

In this post, we will explain to you all the PROS and CONS of Gulet Nostalgija to help you determine if this is the gulet for you – or not.


Gulet Nostalgija


From this post, you will know what the crew is like, how comfortable is the gulet and what you can expect on board.

We deserve the rights to be SUBJECTIVE. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I will tell you my honest opinion of this gulet.


The PROS of gulet Nostalgija


1) Condition and maintenance of the gulet are perfect.


Gulet Nostalgija Review


Every year new things are done on the vessel.


Gulet is in great shape and is really very well maintained, clean and comfortable. 


2) The food on Board. Ani (the chef) is just amazing.


Ani Doing the work


We experienced the hospitality of the owners 3 times till now.

– 1 time at their home in Kaštela (mussels, pasta, soup, home made cake). 


2 times on gulet Nostalgija

a) Fish, potato, vegetables, home made cake, soup

b) Pasticada, home made gnocchi, vegetables, home made desert.


I just know that all the food Ani prepared tasted heavenly. The incredibly rich taste and the home made desserts…


3) Captain Dario – “The storyteller” and one of the coolest people in Croatia.




4. Incredible knowledge of best “hidden” local taverns and vine cellars.


Croatian Taverns


Dario and Ani know several really good taverns all around Croatia which they visit every year. 


If you listen to their advice expect epic locations and good food. Always ask about the prices before you go ordering lobsters 🙂


5. Very comfortable cabins for this standard


Cabin Nostalgija


Very comfortable beds. Spacious closets. More than enough room and most important for me: GOOD SMELL 🙂


6. The lay out of bathrooms was very comfortable for a 6.5 feet (193 cm tall person – me)


Nostalgija Bathroom


Bathrooms do not have shower boxes, but the concept is well. You have more than enough room to move when you shower. It is away from the toilet. The floor is made in a way that tiles are dry very fast and all the water goes out almost immediately. 


You can sit on the toilet easily 🙂


All in all – very comfortable accommodation on this gulet.


7. What Nostalgija offers for the price it has – I would say it is a very very good deal. 


Gulet Nostalgija 

Gulet is affordable. The quality of the gulet is in LUXURY CATEGORY.


The price (with a bit of our help) is in STANDARD CATEGORY.


Very good value for money.


8. Languages are spoken on board. Dario speaks good English, Italian, French and Indonesian Language. 



Capt was living abroad as a captain of huge transport ships.


He learned lots of languages there and the look into other cultures and mentalities gives him a “wider” look at the World.


9. Family Atmosphere. 100% family operated gulet. 


Dario and Ani with Goolets Team


Dario and Ani are husband and wife.


Their son is also slowly starting to work on the ship. It is a family run business and this is always great news as it is in their biggest interest to make clients happy. 


They do not work “just for salary”. This is their life. 


The CONS of gulet Nostalgija


1. Authority of the Capt. Dario. 


Capt. Dario 


Dario is one of my favorite people. He is TONS OF fun and it is really fun to listen to all these stories.


But being a captain on huge ships and being a 100% authority to hundreds of people left its mark.


If you have tons of requests all with 1 goal – to have the best holiday ever – HE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. With a big smile on his face.


However, sometimes we have clients that want EVERYTHING, NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS AND IMMEDIATELY – and they just arrive with a plan to make the life of the crew and everyone else around them as miserable as possible.


In this case, I do not recommend you to book gulet Nostalgija as he is not known as a person who puts up with this kind of people – and he will let you know about it.


2. Authority of his wife Ani.


 chef ani


Ani is a cool combination of great chef, an artist for that matter and as a person that gives her all.


But she is also a high tempered and incredibly honest person – meaning if you mess with her – she will tell you her honest opinion about everything.


They say same birds fly together and I would say this goes for Ani and Dario also.


If you are a normal person who wants to enjoy to the max – I would suggest you NOSTALGIJA without a single thought. 


If you are a complicated person who goes on a holiday only with a reason to make the problem – I would not suggest this gulet…


…actually, I would not even suggest you Goolets company for that matter or gulets altogether – book a hotel in that case 🙂


3. Safety comes first – Guests opinions come second


Some gulet owners will do everything that other guests tell them.


The weather is always an issue when you are on a gulet, and because of some clients, who did not listen to captains opinion and warnings – bed things happened.


– The dishes got totally broken

– The clients puked all over the deck

– The biminis (tendas for the shade) got torn and broken

– Some gulets even sank because of this.


I am not sure if this is a bad thing – I actually think this is very good and it should be the same on all gulets.


When the weather is bad – you will stay in safe harbors or bays – period.


Dario knows what it means to be directly responsible for people traveling on your ship – and he takes safety very seriously.


4. If your goal is to have the best experience and holidays ever – you are MOST WELCOME on this gulet. If not….BEWARE 🙂


Andrej (Goolets) Taking it easy


Everything explained in comments above.


5 ideas on how to get the most out of your gulet cruise on Nostalgija


1) Make a combination of ports and anchor places in advance + allow some flexibility to follow the advice of Dario.


Explorers going inland


2. Go for the HALF BOARD MENU (breakfast + lunch) and allow yourself to be advised on local taverns. You will get one of the best gourmet experiences of your life.


Gourmet Croatia on Nostalgija


3. Ask Dario lots of questions from his trips as being a captain on 300+meters tankers from all over the world. They will leave you in awe as his stories are hilarious. 


4. State your preferences in advance – while you are making a reservation. The crew on Nostalgija takes your wishes very seriously and if you give them time to prepare and go into details about your preferences – you will have an amazing time on board. 


5. At Goolets we are a LONG TERM partners & friends of Dario & Ani and we know exactly how to organize for you a trip on Nostalgija where you will come home incredibly happy. Just inform us about your group structure and we KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU HAPPY ON GULETS accordingly.


Andrej and Darjo


Final Thoughts – How would I plan my holidays on Nostalgija:

I would live my kids home and take time off with my wife. I would also invite 4 other couples to go with us that are about the same age. We are all active people so I would aim to go out of the gulet at least 4 or 5 times a week. The cruise I would take with Nostalgija is the Split area as I know Dario knows it the best. I would start in Kaštela (close to Split, home town of Dario and his wife and escape the madness of Split town).


My main goals & planning for holidays on Nostalgija would be:


– Visit Island Vis and go to local Tavern and order “peka” food in advance there


– Go for an afternoon swim to Bol (Golden Cape on Island Brač)


– Spend a day swimming around Pakleni Islands, visit Hvar town and then go party to Carpe Diem disco


– Tell Dario to take me 1 restaurant he thinks is amazing (but not too expensive)


– Tell Ani that we all are huge lovers of FISH. To keep this in mind while preparing our meals


– Negotiate “captains Dinner” to be in the price – insisting Dario and his wife join us at the table with a couple of bottles of wine. I know this would be tons of fun 🙂


– Explain Dario that I would really like to see BEST NATURE Croatia has to offer – and trust him with his decisions 100%.


– Request that after EVERY LUNCH we get a different home made a cake from Ani. This is hard to organize on a ship – but it would be a MUST HAVE non-negotiable thing from my side 🙂


With this planning – I would have the holidays of my life.


Hope this Gulet Nostalgija Review helped you in your decision.


We can plan your holidays the same way for you.


Mitja Mirtič

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