Gulet Malena

Gulet Malena Video – Amazing Gulet with amazing services!

What do you get when you combine great gulet, very good food, nice cabins, super nice crew and a smart owner?

You get gulet Malena!

Check out this movie below in this post. Maybe it will convince you to give it a try.

I have to say I was pretty impressed by the quality of the gulet and that we will do the best to get as many clients on this gulet as possible.

Gulet Malena


Especially now, that owner gave us a green light to push it as much as possible (and giving us quite nice conditions along the way).

If you are interested in more info about gulet Malena (technical info, pictures, and prices) you can also get everything you need on this link:

Here is the promised video of Gulet Malena!



Here are a couple of more pictures of the “inspection” we did from this gulet.


1 – captain knows how to handle the gulet – here is the proof!

Goolets team in gulet Malena


2 -They know how to design the table – checked

Gulet Malena here is your diner


3 – Chef knows what he is doing – and no, this is not a chicken “shish – kebab” (look closer)

Check this out


4 – Cabins were clean and 100% ready….

Malena cabin


5 – Negotiations with the owner were hard – but successful….

Meeting between Bosses


Overall impression and final review/grade from Goolets about gulet Malena: – JUST PERFECT!!!!!

Mitja Mirtič

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