Cruise with One of the most Experienced Captains in the Adriatic Sea!


In this post, you will find out why Gideon is a special type of vessel for Goolets – plus, 7 interesting facts you should know before boarding.

For the past six years since we met Ante (The Captain and owner), we have built a unique relationship to such a level that surprised both us and him. Our bond is truly special and we’re more than happy to call Ante when we get any inquiries for his gulet, and when Ante calls us to tell us what’s going to be new on his gulet we look forward to hearing from him. We’re very positive and hopeful for further cooperation and reunion with Ante.

Discover what this yacht and her crew offer during a dream cruise between the islands – sure to persuade you to think about booking Gideon.

Gulet Gideon is one of a kind in Croatia. With its size and number of cabins, this vessel is among the largest gulets in Croatia. It’s very special, mainly due to captain and owner Ante, who is a very pleasant and open person, his ease of talking honestly-immense and invaluable experience, making the Gideon a pleasurable and safe boat to cruise around Croatia.


Here’s a Surprising Fact

The CEO’s of Goolets, Mitja and Alenka, were married on this gulet! Gideon is the culprit who left a special stamp on our CEO’s who breathed an excited YES on the yacht and promised eternal loyalty to each other. Take a look at a few pictures of this memorable moment, which will always remain in their hearts.


Culinary Experience in Phenomenal Bays

Captain Ante puts great emphasis on exquisite cuisine and amazing hospitality as you relax in calm bays. Ante’s experience in services and hospitality shines through, and he’s very intuitive about his customers – often knowing what type of cuisine is best during their stay!

You can choose between half board, full board and Goolets All Inclusive package (combined with half board, plus two dinners and drinks). Of course, Ante is always ready to listen to your needs that you have shared with our ”concierge team” before the cruise, so you will be able to have a unique culinary experience.

Culinary experince
No crowds
Real Getaway – No Obligations and Avoid the Crowds


The perfect holiday is when you can really relax and enjoy as much in the experience as you can. The last thing you need are complications, overcrowded places, or anything that might make your holiday less enjoyable.

As far as cruising is concerned, Gideon is the perfect option!

You share the gulet only with those who matter to you, your friends and family, and the only other people on board is the crew – you get complete privacy in idyllic bays – a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The crew will work hard to cater to your every wish and they’re there to ensure you can really relax and put your feet up. Enjoy swimming in the bays, walks around the islands, and moonlit dinners as you look out at the starry sky.

Captain Ante has plenty of knowledge about Croatian islands and its secret coves, where fewer ships are held. A real calming, enjoyable holiday the only thing you need to worry about is getting on the boat!

Gulet Gideon