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Useful information about Gulet Esma Sultan

Gulet Esma Sultan is one of the kind gulet. It is really like nothing else. She was built 100% to wishes and ideas of its owner (Mr. Ali) which actually make a lot of sense.

You will either think this gulet is the most amazing piece of work ever – or it will not be up to your design. But no matter design…the gulet has special features that can not leave you uninterested.

I have personally visited gulet Esma Sultan several time and have also spent an almost entire day on the gulet in a company of the owner when she was in Marmaris – when all details were explained. 

Let us list a couple of them:


The first saloon has entrance immediately from the deck in the back. The salon is fully equipped and super spacious. But then you can go from this salon to the next one, that is actually the same size or even bigger than the first one. When I asked the owner why the heck a gulet needs 2 saloons, this was the explanation:

     a) KIDS: if you have lots of small but very active kids, you can put them in the second salon where they can play and do whatever they like – and you can relax without worrying some kid will fell in the water

     b) POKER: owner is a huge fan of poker, so he remembered to make extra place for people, that like peace and stay away – and they can keep up all night playing poker – and not disturbing anybody.

     c) BAD WEATHER: in case the weather is not super and you have rain, you have lots of places to move INSIDE THE GULET. This also makes gulet Esma Sultan as the perfect gulet for LOW SEASON booking. You can rent this gulet in off season and go hunting, or use it to explore the cities… without worrying what will the weather be like!


Useful information about Gulet Esma Sultan


Esma Sultan Saloon



To me personally, fly bridge on a gulet looks a bit strange. From design part – I do not like it. But when it comes to how useful it is…This is another story then.

Gulet Esma Sultan has more than enough deck space (she has more than 40 meters LOA), but this fly bridge makes it all extra special. Guests can go on this fly bridge and enjoy in Jacuzzi or they can also be nudists there without anybody checking them out…and it is just a cool place to relax. Very nice feature!

Outdoor Esma Sultan



All VIP and super DELUXE gulets have maximum 6 cabins, which makes Esma Sultan unique. She is the only gulet of this quality, that has 7 cabins for guests. And one of this cabins (master cabin) is AMAZING!!! I will not explain why, but just show you the picture. In this cabin, you have huge round bad + special jacuzzi inside the cabin…she is just amazing. 

And if you have a bit bigger group (for example 14 guests) you can use this gulet easily.


Master Cabin



3 more things that I remembered were like this:

     a) The crew is changing bed sheets every day – actually….the owner said they change bed sheets every time the client uses the bad. So if the clients go and have a daily nap when he will go to bed in the evening the sheets will be changed and the bad 100% ready.

     b) The captains quarters (where he drives the gulet) are 100% separated from the relaxation area. Lots of gulets are managed from the deck, however not gulet Esma Sultan. Ali (the owner) said he would be very annoyed if he would relax on deck, while some nice looking young captain in short trousers would play cool 4 hours/day in front of his wife and daughters while driving the gulet 🙂 

     c) there is food available (on the table) 12 – 16 hours per day. Let us just describe breakfast arrangements: 

               – from 06.00 in the morning till 09.00 in the morning (or according to clients wishes), they have self-service breakfast ready (nice snacks, coffee, juices, fruit, vegetables and all other stuff that comes along)

               – from 09.00 in the morning till 11.00 in the morning (or according to clients wishes), they serve the real (served) breakfast. 

               – I am not sure I remember correctly, but I think owner told me they have more than 50 different stuff when it comes to food on the table.


So to SUM it up.


This gulet is different than other Super Luxury Gulets in Turkey. I personally like it a lot and would recommend it anytime.  

If you are interested in more info about this gulet (prices and technical info), check this link: Gulet Esma Sultan!

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Check the movie of gulet Esma Sultan! (Please do not mind the old logos)


If you are in search of amazing luxury, good crew, large boat, lots of water sports – then gulet Esma Sultam might just be a perfect option.

Mitja Mirtič

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