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Gulet Dolin Review and Inspection Trip

We made an “in detail” inspection of gulet Dolin.

We cruised on a gulet for 7 days, had several lunches at owners house and got a truly realistic opinion of this gulet. If you are interested in this gulet – YOU SHOULD READ THIS BLOG before you book it.


Gulet Dolin review


The Internet is full of technical information about each and every gulet.


The sad fact is that 95% of travel agencies that are offering Gulet Dolin (or other gulets for that matter) have never visited the ships and have no idea about the real situations on the board of these vessels.


That is why I have decided to open a new section on our page called Gulet Reviews where we will write an honest assessment of each gulet – how we see it. 


It does not really matter if gulet has 27 meters LOA and 2,7 meters draft.


What matters is a general impression of the vessel, the crew, the food and the services on board. And this is what you will learn from this post. 


We will state PROS and CONS for this vessel – and then you can decide if this is the vessel for you.


Gulet Dolin – PROS for this vessel


1) Lay out of the gulet and age of the gulet.


Dolin is not a standard gulet.


It is a genuine Croatian Logger older than 100 years.


The vessel has history and it is a privilege to cruise on this vessel. 

2) Captain Ivica and his immense hospitality and flexibility. Nobody can TOP THAT. 


Captain Stivica


Captain this bay is great, can we check some more bays today?  – NO PROBLEM. WE GO IMMEDIATELY.


Ivica, can we change our plans? – NO PROBLEM, WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER?


Capt. could we stay this evening in port instead of on anchor? – SURE THING.


John, what do you suggest for tomorrow? – LET US SIT DOWN – I WILL EXPLAIN YOU ABOUT ALL THE BEST OPTIONS.


In Croatia, there is no captain & owner who would have more flexibility then Ivica.


3) Really “domestic” atmosphere on board Dolin


Dolin - Taking it easy


Everything is laid back, easy going and relaxed on board Dolin.


You will forget about all the stress, work and everything in between on board.


4) Lots of space on deck – front of the gulet


Gulet Dolin


5) You can bring your own drinks on board – and self catering.


Check out the mini refrigerator 1 meter away from the table.


You just reach out and grab a beer & vine & sprite. You do not have to call anybody or go to salon to take it.


It is there – just waiting for you 🙂 this concept truly works amazingly well. 


Not to mention how much money you will save because of this. 


Dolin cruise table


6) Really good value for money.


Gulet Dolin


You can check prices of gulet Dolin on this link:




No need to go into further explanations. For this price – it is not possible to get more out of it.


12 meters sailing boats cost similar – and it is not comparable. 


7) You can be around Kornati Islands in 1,5 hours (other vessels need 2 days)


You arrive to gulet. In 1,5 hours you jump into this kind of sea. Only possible with Dolin.


Kornati islands


Gulet has a home base in Zadar.  From Zadar, you have 2 options how to reach Kornati.

a) You can cross the channel from islands Pašman and Ugljan. (1,5 hour time)

b) You can go around this 2 islands. (almost 2 days)




The problem is that the bridge between Pašman and Ugljan is low and most of the gulets can not go under it.


Dolin has a bit smaller masts, meaning he can go under the bridge.


Great news for you 🙂 Check out the picture of the sea aro
und Kornati again above.


8) What others are saying about this gulet.


Sometimes the gulet is best explained from the side of our clients.


You can check some of the feedback’s on this link.


Dolin Testimonials


9) Food on board.


Dolin is not a DELUXE GULET but the food they serve is TOP of the TOP! 


Dinner on Dolin


10) Energy on board is just amazing.


We just felt super good during our weekly cruise on the gulet. there is soemthing about this gulet which is just hard to explain.


Here is the blog post about our experience:




11) Size of Cabins is very decent for this budget. 


Gulet Dolin cabin


12) Perfect “Australian English” is spoken on board. 


Ivica (English translation is John) was born in Australia and spent his first 14 years there.


So he speaks perfect English with a truly cool Australian accent 🙂 You just gotta love that 🙂  


Captain John


Gulet Dolin – CONS for this vessel. 


1) Lay out of the gulet and age of the gulet.


Some people love that the vessel has so much history and different design from classic Turkish gulets. Some people hate it.


Gulet Dolin in a bay


2) A bit older crew


If the “crew will read this” I will be in trouble as they 100% do not consider them self old 🙂


But if you expect young 20 – 30 years old sailors, captains and chefs – you will probably not found them on Dolin.


The crew on the gulet is very nice, experienced, well mannered and they know what they do perfectly.


Some people would consider this a huge plus. Some younger people would maybe consider them a bit “old School” 🙂


Dolin cuisine


3) Really “domestic” atmosphere


I mentioned “easy going” atmosphere as one of the best things on Dolin.


People who expect “while glove” services and organization from “big time cruises” will be disappointed.


This does not mean the services are poor. They are amazing – but laid back.  Not every person likes this.


Dolin is all about taking it easy


4) No Saloon – very small one indeed.


Dolin Saloon


Bad news – Salon is really small on gulet dolin


Good news – On gulets you spend approximately 2 % of all your time in salon – and this is only when you pass through on your way to your cabins.


Salon can be useful if you have kids and they watch TV inside.


However if you have a LAP TOP with you – you can also organize this for your kids in cabins.


Back  of gulet Dolin can be completely closed and protected from bad weather  and winds, so it feels almost as if staying in saloon. 


5) Bathrooms are a bit uncomfortable.


Bathroom Dolin


A bit uncomfortable to brush your teeth like this.


No “box showers” also.


Good news is you can take a shower while sitting on a toilet 🙂 🙂



6) A bit of touch for details is missing


Dolin cruise


Do not expect for towels to match the curtains or for the crew to be in uniforms.


Do not expect TOP NOTCH DESIGN.


Do not expect “designer flowers on table” and amazing care for details.


There is for sure room for improvement in this matter.  


5 ideas how you can have an EPIC experience on gulet Dolin


1) Book a gulet on 1 way route from Zadar to Trogir. You will see Kornati Islands, Šibenik archipelago as well as Island
Hvar, Brač and Vis (if the weather is good). Best itinerary ever.


2) Go on a VINE TASTING trip on island Brač or visit vine cellar in Jelsa in hvar. Try out all the best vines and bring then with you on gulet. This way you will enjoy amazing vine on the best location at lowest possible  costs.


Wine in restaurant


3) Stay around Kornati Islands for at least 2 days. You will LOVE IT.


4) Talk with Ivica. When it comes to epic places – he will take you there. All you have to do is talk with him AND LISTEN TO WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.


Gulet Dolin owner


5) Relax and enjoy. Dolin is for “easy going people” not for “royals” expecting white glove services. If you expect this – gulets are perfect, however you will have to increase your budget.


Mitja and Alenka on Dolin


6) Ask Goolets agency for advice or any extra questions you might have on this gulet. They know it inside out and will be able to get you several other ideas – 100% modified to your groups structure. 


Goolets Dolin


What I personally think about gulet Dolin?


I inspected well over 500 gulets in last 10 years and if my friend would ask me what I think of this gulet, here is what I would tell him.


If you are 4 or 5 couples going together Dolin is perfect. Price is really good, Ivica is TOP OF THE TOP and you will have best time of your life. If you have small kids, it is a bit problematic that gulet does not have a saloon, so you will have to watch over the kids a little bit more. My wife hates bathrooms on this vessel and she believes they are a bit claustrophobic – but I think this is a small price to pay for everything else what you get. We cruised on a gulet for 7 days with my family and loved it more then on a 20.000 €/week vessel we sailed on a couple of months later“.


You WILL FEEL IN LOVE WITH THIS GULET – I know we all did in our company. 


“Goolets Team – Inspection trip”

Goolets Team on inspection trip


I hope this gives you good idea what to expect on gulet Dolin.


I hope this Gulet Dolin Review was helpful.


If you are interested in this gulet contact us via our inquiry form.


If you have any questions about this gulet you can also send us email to info@goolets.net.


We will be happy to assist you.


Mitja Mirtič

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