Gulet Grande Mare

Gulet Dea Del Mare and gulet Grande Mare

In today’s blog post we have prepared for you a really nice interview with managers & owners of gulet Dea Del Mare and Grande Mare.

I hope this will help you a bit more in making a decision about this gulets.

This is gulet Dea Del Mare.

Gulet Dea Del Mare


This is Gulet Grande Mare.

Gulet Grande Mare


They are both amazing gulets and with great services and super crew and all the classic stuff, everybody is saying about their gulets 🙂

But how do the owners & managers really think? Do they speak good English? 

What is their mentality? 

Would this gulet be really for you?

Well, to help you decide easier, we have prepared a nice interview with main managers of this 2 gulets and we are presenting this to you in this blog post.

One of the good news is, that this gulet is not managed  by an individual owner, but by an agency, that has been in this business for several years…and they know what they are doing. 

We already had several groups on those 2 gulets (we used gulet Dea Del Mare truly a lot) and all I can say feedbacks were always very nice.

Here we go! Enter the world of partners Tufan and Eyup (or Eyup and Tufan – it can’t go one without the other).




1. Can you describe what the best things are about gulet Dea Del Mare and gulet Grande Mare?

Gulet Cruises are an overwhelming experience. Just like good food or a great art work, it”s not just one thing that makes the “wow” effect but rather a combination of a lot of elements.


The obvious ones are a “young” fleet, dedicated maintenance to the last detail and a fully equipped inventory on board. Your entire vacation depends on that. We don”t settle here. Still, we view all that as mandatory but not enough. The core experience is always derived from just one thing- the level of service.


We have the best of the best, a seasoned staff, willing to attend to all your needs, be that an attentive service, a gourmet meal (our fleet chef was nominated …???) or a fine tuned itinerary.


Eyup with one of captains


2. Why and how did you start Blue cruise Turkey business?

Our agency is headed by Eyup Bayraktaroglu and  Tufan Gules, a known figures in the tourism world. For many years Eyup and Tufan experienced tourism from the different the aspects of yachting , gulet cruises etc.


Our agency is a jewel in the crown, bringing together the best of what we know to do with the best of what this great geography has to offer. We are a boutique yacht charter company. Our vision is to provide outstanding services for people, who love sea vacations. We operate gullets and private yachts from Southern Turkey and Greece. We seek the “wow” effect. Plain and simple.


3. What did you learn is the most important thing for clients while on the cruise? What do you have to do to get 100% satisfaction from clients?

Each and every client is different. The easy choice is to provide, like most yacht charter companies, an off the shelf product.


We don”t believe this is the way to do it.


We seek the match between what we know and what you want (and there are barely any limits on our side).


What is your fantasy meal?


What kind of sea-sport toys do you love?


What itinerary best expresses the kind of vacation you want?


We want to customize the experience to fit your needs. For an off-the-shelf product, you can simply take a cruise…


Tufan And Eyup on gulet Grande Mare


4. Do your gulets have something, which other gulets normally do not have? Do you have some special thing where you are different from the others?

Just like a food dish- they are all made of beef/chicken/fish, vegetables, and spices, but the quality of products and the way you combine those make the difference.

Most gullets have the same inventory.

Still, these are the little details that count- a quiet air condition as possible, a responsive service 24/7 (and not just till a certain hour at night…), the level of food, the kind of water toy to enjoy. We always aim high with those ingredients.

The level of food is a direct result of the level of those ingredients.


5. For what kind of groups your gullets are most suitable and why?

Gullets are best suited for couples/families and small groups who wish to have the entire yacht just for themselves.

That”s an intimate experience that”s works great for families and friends as well as for companies and organizations that seek a unique way to bring the employees/managers together.




6. What are your plans for the future?

We are and will always be a boutique company. Our core asset is the direct contact to our customers. Yes, year after year our fleet grows a bit, adding a few more great vessels, but the core value remains- best service to our customers.

The numbers speak the story- the majority of our customers are repeat guests or arrive word-to-mouth following recommendations.


7. Which info do you believe is super important for clients, and agencies forget to tell it?

The sea, the vessels, the crew, the water sports toys, the food, all those are derived from the people running this boutique agency, headed by Tufan Gules.

Their spirit is the real fuel that drives our yachts.

The is the quality standard that assures your satisfaction.


8. Which itinerary do you believe is THE MOST BEAUTIFULL ONE, where clients see the best what Turkey has to offer? For the clients that have never been to Turkey before, what would you recommend!

It really depends on what you love, these are all beautiful sites, quiet lagoons, but should also take into account the villages/cities to visit and the places to dine.

It also depends on your flights- we can match the best location to start and end your trip with us.

Our own headquarters are in Marmaris. We love the trip from Fethiye to Bodrum, stopping in Greek island and Turkish harbor like Gocek – Rhodes – Symi – Bozburun – Datca.

We have a reserved tables for ourselves in some restaurants that are just a must in every trip. Give us a call and we”ll make sure we fit your needs. 




This is it. I hope you have enjoyed this short interview and that it will positively help you in your decision about what gulet to book.

What is the most important thing for you during your gulet cruise?

Well, it depends on what kind of group you are. Learn more from this brochure.

Mitja Mirtič 

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