Food on gulets

Food Pictures on Gulets. Yuuuummmmmmiiiiii.

Food is one of the most amazing experiences while cruising with gulets. You always eat outside, with the perfect view of sea and scenery and most of the times people say cook is the most important person out of all crew on a gulet. 

If there are 10 people in your group and you have a budget of 10.000 €, it is much better to spend for example 6.000 € on a gulet and 4.000 € on a food, rather than book a luxury gulet for 9.000 € and spends 1.000 € on food. 10 years after your holidays, you will not remember the size of the cabins, however, you will remember what kind of food you had.

Relax, take 5 minutes and imagine yourself on board with this food around you.



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Mitja Mirtič

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