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What are the best gulets in Turkey?

Turkey is an amazing country with lots of places to check out. There is also more than 500 vessels to choose from. Beside that you can choose from several menu suggestions and make many different activities during the cruise. On top of things also prices can be a bit flexible.


What does this mean?
This means you have truly A LOT of options what to book and the fact is that whatever you book, which is at least moderately okey, you will have a good time.
But our goal is not to give you good time – we wish you to have incredibly great time. We would like that you have such a good holidays, that you will come back for more next year.


Gulet Afroditi


And this means we have to help you find the perfect combination, which consists of this points:


1) What kind of gulet is perfect for you: is it better all cabins are the same, or you prefer 1 or 2 master cabins with some TWIN cabins for kids? You prefer large saloon and less deck space, or you prefer huge deck space and larges saloon? You prefer gulet which is easily accessible for older people, or you prefer a gulet with lots of water toys for the kids? You truly like sailing or you prefer to go for more stable ships, which cannot really make any proper sailing. Possibilities are truly huge, and most of them will make you happy…but if you decide for best combination, you will be extremely happy.


Gulet Esma Sultan


2) What kind of menu should you take: at this point we would like to offer you an advice, which you should truly take up very seriously. Lets say you have 10.000 € to spend and there it is 10 people in your group. It is much better to book a gulet for 7.000 € and spend 3.000 € for food, rather to get a better gulet for around 8.500 € and spend only 1.500 € for food. You will remember the food for your entire life, while you will forget very fast if cabin had 7 m2 instead of 10 m2.


3) What kind of itinerary you should make: when you have a perfect gulet and great food on board, but you spend every night on anchor, but you wish to go out of the gulet and party – your holidays will not be very nice. Some gulets are better experts for some areas, so it is different to make Greek islands cruise or something else with captain that knows that area as his own pocket or with somebody that is not very used to cruise there. Our goal is to determine what might be best for you and suggest you the best options.


Gulet Dea Del Mare


4) Discounts and prices: owners in Turkey are flexible, but everything has its limits. If you get a deal that is suspiciously low, then there is something suspicious about it. Food, crew, fuel, taxes, maintenance all costs money – and if you get a deal that is just to good, this expenses will be covered from our food money or they will try to earn in on some other ways – which will come as an unpleasant surprise. Negotiate, however be reasonable and know that you are buying services not only a product. And price is what you pay and value is what you get. It is better to pay a bit more and have 100% satisfaction, rather to save 10% and come back home unhappy.


Private gulet charter


So provide us with all the details possible about your needs and expectations and we will surely do our best to advice you the gulets which are the best for you and not the gulets which might be the best for someone else.

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