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Top Turkey gulet cruise ports to visit!

Here you can check best places that you can visit on Turkey gulet cruise. This is the combination of Towns, bays, and areas which are very popular, beautiful and where you will not go wrong if you check them out.

Here is the list of TOP 10 places (no.1 does not mean the best one – we consider all of this as equals). 
 Bodrum castle
 1) BODRUM: Halicarnassus (ancient name of Bodrum) has in the last years evolved as the Turkish St. Tropez. The bazaar, old city and lots of possibilities for nights out makes Bodrum very nice place to visit. The old castle which overlooks the entire town and many other places are also very good spots for history enthusiasts. Defiantly a place to visit. 

Gocek Town

2) GOCEK: It is situated up against pinned slopes of a national forest in the NW corner of the Gulf of Fethiye with its archipelago of islands. Today Gocek has an enviable charm as an emerging tourist destination and yacht haven. It is also the site of a rare temple tomb in the Doric order. From Göcek we often accompany guests by car to ancient Calynda, and from there up into nearby hills to inspect temple tombs in the Ionic order at a site not yet identified but which may be ancient Telandros.

 Boat cruising in sea of Marmaris, Turkey

3) MARMARIS: Marmaris was once a small village which has now transformed into a nice city with all of the facilities you are searching for when on holidays. There are several restaurants in the center of the city near the sea or inside Netsel Marina, there is huge Bar street for night action and bazaar with many interesting things to buy.

 Butterfly valley

4) BUTTERFLY VALLEY: Two miles from Olu Deniz and inaccessible except by sea, this striking spot is backed by almost sheer mountain from which water falls. Even the beach is bounded left and right by vertical rock promoting a unique privacy for more than one hundred varieties of butterfly, both Lepidoptera and mammal.

 Gemiler Island (island of St. Nicholas in Turkey)

5) GEMILER (St. Nicholas) ISLAND: Fifteen miles from Wall Bay. Once home to Lycian and Byzantine pirates, the remains of an entire village are there to be explored, from pirate-ship parking covered passage to the basilica. A wonderful place to swim and snorkel and an equally wonderful place to take in a hilltop sunset with a bottle of wine.

Coastal landscape on Cleopatra's island

6) CLEOPATRA BAY: Three miles from Tersane. Another exquisite setting with thick pine to the water’s edge. Monastery ruins half submerged testify to the medieval presence of the Greek Church. Also called Ruin Bay, a 55-minute hike takes the inquisitive to ancient Lydae. Off the beaten path and rarely visited, Lydae features mausolea, agora foundations, statue remnants, Corinthian column sections, and inscribed pedestals from the Roman and Byzantine periods. Cleopatra, by the way, was here twice, once in 46 BC and again in 32 BC honeymooning with Marc Antony.


7) DALYAN: Eight nautical miles off the wind from Ildir. A fjord town with upscale facilities and charm. Here you will find history that dates before BC and a mixture of many different cultures (Byzantine, Roman, Turkish….). It is a nice in land trip worth the time.

 Turkish Blue Voyage Yachts in Seven Islands Marmaris

8) SEVEN ISLANDS: You will experience another excellent day on “Bodrum cruises” itinerary in the Seven Islands Region. In this region which is full of many small islands and coral reef; it is recommended that you should dive, swim, sleep and rest. You will also enjoy a walk in the forests which are filled with pine trees.

 Datca cityscape with lake a seaside town in Mugla Tur

9) DATCA: The historian Strabon was right when he remarked of Datça’s weather: “God would send his beloved servants to Datça to live longer”. According to a myth, while the Spanish pirates were passing by the coast of Datca, they disembarked people with Hansen’s disease in Sarıliman Bay and these abandoned people recovered from their disease with the help of the clean weather of Datça. You can explore Datça by yourself or join the optional Cnidus tour.

Gulet Grande Mare

 10) ALL THE AMAZING BAYS (they deserve special attention): we will not name the bays names however we can guarantee you that every route you decide for will be an amazing experience. Turquoise sea, Chrystal clear water, fresh air and amazing scenery. This is what you can expect on a gulet cruise in Turkey. 

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