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The Kekova region was declared a specially protected area in 1990 to protect the natural, cultural and geographic richness of the Kekova Islands. 

The Kekova area is 260 km² and is managed by the Turkish Ministry of Environment. Simena is a popular Lycian site, situated upon one of the most attractive spots of the Turkish coast.
The name Kekova is Turkish for “plain of thyme” and describes the region encompassing the island of Kekova, the villages of Kalekoy and Ucagiz and the three ancient towns of Simena, Teimussa and Tersane (meaning “dockyard”, as its bay was the site of an ancient dockyard, with mostly Byzantine ruins).
Both Simena and Teimussa have a large necropolis. Teimussa is now the village of Ucagiz where boats set off for cruises of the area. Simena is an enjoyable place to visit for its great beauty and charm. For this reason, it is popular with Blue Cruises along Lycia’s Turquoise Coast.

Sunken City Of Kekova In Bay Of Uchagiz View From Sea



Kas on the western end of Antalya coastline, where you can see the Greek Island of Meis just opposite of the town.In Kas, there are restaurants, bars etc.Kas Harbour is a fishing port, sleepy in the full sense of the world, where you can spend a quiet holiday with plenty of facilities for from the madding crowd.At the foot of the high peaks, this settlement is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains.The region never loses its attraction for yachtsmen because they can discover a different and beautiful new village every day.

View From The Bird's Eye Of The Kas City, District Of Antalya 


The small historic town of Kalkan is an enchanting place one of the most beautiful locations along Turkey’s gorgeous Lycian Coast.Benefiting from the absence of mass tourism, Kalkan remains a charming and unspoiled heaven of lush nature, brilliant – blue crystal – clear sea historic architective, ancient history and warm traditional Turkish hospitality.

 Town Kalkan, Mediterranean Coast, Turkey


The Valley of Butterflies is one of the most attractive places of Fethiye and environs.You can get there by rental boats or with your yacht on the cruise.It is located at the valley covered by rocks and pine trees and all kinds of construction are forbidden within. If you want to see the butterflies that give their name to the valley, you have to venture a difficult climb.At the end of this climb, you will be able to see thousands of butterflies covering all of the rocks, trees leave and everywhere.For those who are interested there is also a nudist beach.

 Butterfly valey

That is 14 km away from Fethiye, deeply sticks travelers with its marvelous view.You meet peerless Oludeniz after you walk Belcekiz cove and beach extends into it… 

Oludeniz; a charming and quiet spot.There is no moss beneath it.The light, refracted by the water and the sand beneath the sea gives the turquoise color to Oludeniz.Belcekiz, the name of the origins from a legend.In the ancient ages the ships passing by used to cast anchor away from the coast and go ashore by boats the get fresh water.
One day when the young and handsome son of the captain came ashore to get fresh water, he saw beautiful Belcekiz, when they saw each other, they fell in love.But the young man had to back to the ship to take the water.Belcekiz looked at the sea all the time and waited for seeing him.The young man kept visiting here and seeing Belcekiz.One day storm broke out.The young man told his father, that there was a sheltered cove.But his father thought his son takes the risk to destroy the ship for seeing his lover.The fight grew between grew between the son and his father.While the ship was about the crash the rocks his father hit his son with an oar, threw him into the sea and began controlling the ship.They were about to come in a cove where the sea is flat and quiet.The son died there and Belcekiz, waiting for her love above the rocks jump down to her death.Since then the place she died is called Belcekiz and that of the young man in Oludeniz / meaning Dead Sea.


 Oludeniz Lagoon In Sea Landscape View Of Beach



Fethiye is one of the most popular resorts due to its extreme loveliness. Set on a wide bay, strewn with many islands.
Fethiye is 135 km southwest of Marmaris and has an outstanding and busy marina.
The ancient name of the city is Telmessos and you will see a fortress on the hill overlooking the city which was built by Knights of Rhodes.
Fethiye is known for its rock tombs carved into the faces of the cliffs by the Lycians.
These are elaborately carved and an especially remarkable; one is the tomb of Amnytas dating from the 4th century BC built in Doric architectural style.
It is worth well visiting. Other historical places in the city are the Sarcophagi and the Fethiye Tower.

Beautiful beach and pine trees at Mediterranean sea. Fethiye Turkey

The Beach and the Sovalye Island are real the destinations for those who like to enjoy the most beautiful sea.


Belcegiz Bay is also good for such a visit and provides natural mountain scenery. The guest houses (pension) here, will give you all the comfort you expect.
The bay forms the dreamlike Belcegiz – Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) known as “a paradise that God granted to Earth”, a very fine place with 3 km of natural beach and crystal blue waters in enchanting surroundings.


For camping, Belcegiz Beach is ideal, and for picnicking try, the Kidiril Park, for sightseeing the Gemiler Islands with their Byzantine ruins among the pine trees are recommended.
At Koturumsu, a heaven like beauty awaits you, where you may reach only by boat.
There are waterfalls flowing across valleys where thousands of butterflies, exhibiting tremendous shades of colors, fly amongst the pine forest bordering of the lovely beach.




Some of the other natural attractions are Katranci Bay, Gunluk (Kusuk Kargi) Bay, Oyuktepe, Gocek with its Harbor and marina.
Lately, paragliding from Baba mountain became one of the most popular sports and it gives magnificent views of people flying over this great beach lagoon.
Around Fethiye, there are important ancient cities of the Lycians.
To the southeast of Fethiye lies Xanthos at Kinik village, an important capital of Lycians. Its setting is naturally adorned while Letoon, by Kumluova village and close to Xanthos, is also interesting.
Letoon was a cult center during the Lycian period and remains can be seen of temples dedicated to Leto, Artemis, and Apollo.
Patara by Ovagelmis, Pinara by Minare, Tlos by Doger, Cadianda by Yesil Uzumlu, Sidyma by Dodurga, Karmilassos by Kaya, Pydnai by Kavadere, Araxa by Oren, Lydon by Kapidag, Lissa and Arsada by Kayadibi, and Daedela by Inlice are other significant sites to visit in the environs of Fethiye.

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