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Why should I book with Goolets agency?

There are 3 very simple reasons why you should consider to book with Goolets agency. We will try to explain it all on this blog post.




1) REASON no.1 – Knowledge of the market!
As we are 100% gulet cruise specialized agency we invest a lot of our time in gulet inspections in talking with gulet owners and local agents and we have a very clear idea what is suitable for which clients.
Gulets are a special type of holidays and there are many factors that can affect the quality of your holidays such as crew, gulet maintenance, cleanliness on board, food, itinerary….So what is our strongest advantage?
It is our knowledge of gulets and the experience how to pass this knowledge to our clients.
Let us share some of this knowledge with you.


concierge services Goolets


2) REASON no.2 – We will do our best for you!
We do not wish to sound cheesy but we really do obsess over the customer support services. Gulet cruise market is a competitive market and we know that the only way to survive and grow is through the happy customers.

So when we say we will do the best for you we truly mean it.

Our main goal is to take you from

step no.1 – determining your wishes & needs (and to discover if this type of holidays are for you)


step no.10 – keep the best memories of your life and share them with all your friends to make them jealous.

Here is how we do it!


Goolets Crew


3) REASON no.3 – Full support!

We do not only sell you gulets.

We provide full support for our clients from when the first inquiry is received until the end of the cruise.

We organize for your transfer from airport to gulet and back, hotel accommodations before or after the end of your cruise and organize everything you need during the gulet cruise.

Also, our agency representative will say hello when you arrive on the gulet and introduce you to the crew and help you with check in process.

We are also there for you in case of any problems that might happen during your gulet cruise.

So to sum it up…When making a reservation with Goolets agency – We’ve got your back covered.

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