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Is it safe to cruise with a gulet?

One of the most common questions we get. Gulets are nice and very comfortable vessels. They are much more stable than sailing yachts or motor yachts and if you follow the captain’s advice – they are very safe.

Cruising on Gulet


However, some clients can underestimate the knowledge of captains, who are always very experienced and know the local weather and dangers very very well and they push them to do things which can turn out to be dangerous.


Captain of a gulet


Captains will never do anything to jeopardize the safety of the guests and the crew even if some clients push to do otherwise.

The captain’s authority is always no.1 on the GULET CHARTER




So all you have to do is listen to the captain’s advice and you will be fine. However, clients that do not follow captains advice or listen to his proposals – they usually learn this the HARD WAY.

If captain will say gulet has to stay in the harbor because of the bad weather and clients will not believe him – it can happen gulet can go out anyway (if it is truly not dangerous). But this usually happens only 1 time, as after the clients get seasick – they start to see CAPTAIN WAS RIGHT.


chating with captain


So yes, traveling with gulets is very safe, all you have to do is listen to captains’ advice and you will be fine.

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