Family gulet cruise

Family gulet cruise – A Memory of a lifetime!

I like luxury private charter gulets. This is for sure. However, I am not spoiled also. So when I got the chance to go on a weekly private charter gulet cruise with gulet Dolin I did not think for a second.

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This was in a season when we first started to offer this gulet and the feedback’s we were getting from the clients were AMAZING.

Everybody was explaining how cool Ivica (the owner) is. How good the food was. To what kind of places he took them and how flexible everything was.

So I decided to try it out also. I made some phone calls and a couple of friends joined my family and we went on 7 days nice family gulet cruise.

We started the gulet cruise in Trogir and made a one-way gulet cruise to Zadar. This time we avoided all the crowded places and famous islands, such as Hvar, Brač, Vis and similar and went on more of a nature cruise.


The route was like this:



You might not yet hear of these places before, however, I must say I was super happy. On Drvenik, it seems like the time has stopped but we managed to have very nice private on one local bar.


Kornati islands are my favorite place. Sometimes it seems like you are on the other planet. The sea is incredibly clean and you can see the small stones even if the sea is 20 meters or deeper. Not to mention how we spend the night under millions of stars in a completely relaxing way. Some people might think this could be boring, but nobody in our group was older than 35 years and we all loved it. 




On every place, until the end of the cruise, we had a chance to leave the gulet and take a walk around and explore the places as Ivica managed to find in every single place some nice pier where he tied the gulet and enable us to go off for a walk. 


While South Dalmatia has lots of towns which are quite popular, in Middle Dalmatia it seems true like time has stopped. We visited lots of smaller villages, where the pace is much slower and you can just sit down and have a beer without being bothered by other loud pesky tourists.


If you are looking for easy going cruise, perfect nature, nice people and avoid heavy crowds…MIDDLE DALMATIA IS THE PLACE TO GO.


About Gulet Dolin

The gulet is not luxury gulet, the toilets are not super comfortable and the gulet does not have TV, Jacuzzi or other fancy stuff on board.


But it has lots of deck space, cabins are actually quite comfortable and I just LOVED the place at the back of the gulet. The table for eating is connected to the kitchen, next to table you have a small refrigerator always packed with beer, wine and drinks for kids and you can just serve yourself. 


Gulet Dolin is one of the only few gulets, that allows you to bring your own drinks on board and you can just serve yourself whenever you feel thirsty. 


Also, the crew was amazing. Ivica took as to such incredible bays, which are known only by him, that it was amazing. He was super flexible, explaining the route and everything daily and if we had some wish, he made it happen immediately. Also, the kids loved him also.


The chef was even crazier. His food was amazing, but this was not the best part about it. He was an “old school” chef with millions of stories and jokes and if you started a conversation with him, after 5 minutes you always cracked and were laughing like crazy.  


Having fun on board


On a gulet cruise, luxury is not essential to have a good time. All you need is good company, good food and great itinerary and you will have AMAZING TIME. 

If you are interested in gulet Dolin, check this link and send us a request: GULET DOLIN!

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