3 reasons why we love Zadar. Check it out!

When you talk about gulet cruises in Croatia you most of the times get all sorts of info for Split, Dubrovnik or even Trogir.

But I believe Zadar should get 100% the same attention as the above-mentioned places.

In this blog, I will explain 3 things why I like Zadar.

1. It is very very good starting destination for your gulet cruise holidays!

Kornati Islands are very close. Vodice, Rogoznica, Šibenik, and Peterčane are also close. Dugi Otok, Pašman and Ugljan are also close. This is a perfect combination of nature and great places to see.

Zadar waterfront view from the sea Dalmatia Croatia

On the other hand, Brač, Hvar, and Vis are also very close so you can have a combination of superb nature and most famous islands & towns.

I personally believe that a one-way cruise from Zadar to Split is the best possible gulet cruise experience you can have and can easily compete to Dubrovnik – Split combination also.

2. It has lots of history, incredible old city center and is very interesting place to visit for 1 day.

It pays off if you arrive in Zadar and take 1 day off to check it out by yourself or with a city guide. Lots of churches, old city center, museums, marketplace and much much more.

Also tons of shops lots of good restaurants and very nice walk through the entire city. 

3. It is a great place to party and has lots of bars and action going on. 


For all the people that like to party and have a good night out, Zadar is also a must have. If you combine Zadar, Petrčane, and Vodice you already have 3 very memorable nights out.

If you are interested to get more info about Zadar, check this out: Things to do in Zadar

Zadar tourist board on this link: 

I visited Zadar lots of times before and I am always happy to come back for more.

The city is busy and full of life which can be a turn-off for lots of people seeking to get away from people.

But if you like to hop towns and browse around you will like it a lot.


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