One of the most ideal places for sailing is the picturesque coast of Croatia. Croatia is 56,594 km² large country and it is dotted by over 1000 islands along the Dalmatian Coast. Many sailing enthusiasts choose this place because distances between most islands are short and each place is unique and astounding in its own way. Furthermore, the Adriatic sea is calm, safe and clear, providing close to perfect conditions for sailing. Occasional strong winds can be avoided or they can provide more challenging conditions for those who are more qualified and are looking for action and adventure. Learn more about it bellow!

Dubrovnik, Croatia


  • Perfect Mediterranean climate and calm sea
  • Ancient history and rich varied culture
  • Vast contrast of things to see and do
  • Easy navigation, and close distance between most islands and coastal towns
  • All sailing yachts come with a crew
  • No skills or license needed for this vacation
  • Sailing week 100% tailored according to your needs and wishes

What can you expect on sailing holiday in Croatia?

If you choose do this type of holiday you will be able to experience a Mediterranean paradise of turquoise seas, a mix of tranquil and lively coastal towns, islands and bays. Additionally, along stunning islands and towns, the captain will take you to picturesque ports and bays that offer needed privacy. This type of holiday is ideal for families and couples looking for an active type of holiday mixed with ultimate comfort.

Your sailing yacht offers generous accommodation and leisure space along with the route of your choice. All boats come with the professional crew too so you can leave them to do all of the sailings for you or you can get involved. No training or qualifications are required for this holiday. You will be pampered by chef and crew that will make you happy and satisfied!

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Why is Croatia a perfect place for a sailing holiday?

Croatia is a perfect destination because it offers a vast contrast of possibilities and places in one tiny beautiful country. On one hand, you can enjoy the privacy in calm bays or go and explore the thrilling nightlife, old markets, modern marinas next to ancient towns or national parks. Please do be aware that unlike some other countries, you will be required to pay marina and port fees and port authorities will help captain moor up.

Where to set sails?

You can set sails to the sunniest town Hvar, stop by Dubrovnik and enjoy the history and culture blended with the right dose of exciting nightlife. You can also cruise among the islands of Korčula, Brač, Vis or perhaps the Kornati if you are looking for privacy and relaxation in nature.

The best sailing route:

However, one of our favorite sailing destinations we have put together is the one that starts from vibrant Split, the second largest town in Croatia and ends in beautiful town Dubrovnik known for its history and popular for being a filming destination for Game of Thrones series.

This route (Split – Dubrovnik) offers many sheltered anchorages and harbors.

You can choose to moor in isolated areas or modern and well-equipped marinas. During the sail, you will be stopping by the abundance of secluded bays, beaches, mountains, and coves.

With this weeklong getaway, you will truly get the most of your holiday! In fact, you will be able to see the main fascinating hotspot destinations.

Your days will be planned around sailing close to gorgeous beaches, exploring historic lively towns and islands, and you once your cruise ends you will truly feel like you saw it all!

There will be plenty of time each day for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing in places you liked the most. One of the big advantages is that everything can be organized by your wishes.

Colorful Aerial Panorama Of Ancient Roman City Split In Croatia,
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