Monastery on pebble beach in Bol,Brač

Bol on Island Brač! One of the best beaches in the World!

We did not use the picture of this beach for no reason on our home page! Bol on Island Brač is one of the most amazing beaches in the World and you will not be sorry if you check it out!


I was on this beach around 10 times! 8 of this times I checked it out on board a gulet and 2 times I was spending holidays on Brač Island and I visited this page from land! I have to say that gulet experience way much better


I will explain why!


first of all this beach is really amazing. But amazing in tourism also means “crowded”! And Bol is no exception. The access to this beach is from several hotels and in high season it can get very very crowded.


And to arrive at hotel and walk to get the best spot on this beach takes time and effort. Especially if you have smaller kids with you and ton of equipment for them carrying along the way. In this case, it can get quite frustrating.


But if you arrive from the sea! The gulet parks a couple of meters from this beach. And then he can either take you to the beach with a dinghy or you can basically swim to get there – well this is another story!


The sea is super turquoise and very very clean!


The beach is made from small stones and it is perfect for kids and for adults. The snorkeling is very nice! And this part of the Island is always a bit windy so if you are a water sports junkie this will be your heaven. 


You have tons of possibilities for water sports. 


You can also have a superb hiking experience and go on a bit longer walking trip to Vidova Gora which is the largest mountain in Dalmatia and offers breat taking view not only to Brač but also to Hvar Island!




local web page about bol: BOL ON BRAČ!


You can check Bol on a gulet cruise from Split or if you cruise on way from Dubrovnik – Split. 


Also, cruises from Šibenik and Zadar can do this.


I suggest you visit Bol during the day for swimming and lunch there. 


If you wish to do some hiking and also check the town (which is also nice), then you can also spend the night there. But some good planning in advance is goof for this because there is not a lot of space in port there and also it is not a very good place to spend the nigh there on the anchor as it is a bit opened sea and windy.


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