Information about Bodrum Gulet Cruises in Turkey

Bodrum is such an amazing town full of life and different type of vessels. Bodrum Gulet Cruises Turkey is World famous and this blog post will give you more idea about it. Bodrum and transfers from airport to gulet and back are the main topics in this post. 

I had a very nice conversation with Mr. Tolga – owner of agency Akustik Travel which is one of the largest agencies in Turkey.

We talked about several different topics. About Bodrum in general 

In the video below you can find more info on:

a) Why Bodrum is so great

b) Why transfers from airport to gulet is so important

c) Where can you fly from and to if you are flying to Bodrum?

The quality of the video could be better, but the content is great.


Turkey Cruises are an amazing way to spend your holidays. It does not matter if you prefer to rent a cabin or have an entire gulet charter in either case you will have the best holidays of your time.

Mitja Mirtič 

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