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Crewed Yacht Charters In The U.S. Virgin Islands

Take a Goolets Crewed Yacht Charter in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and You Can Wake Up To A New, Stunning, and Beautiful View Every Day.

Why choose the U.S. Virgin islands for your crewed yacht charter?

One of the wonderful aspects of cruising around the U.S. Virgin Islands in a luxury yacht is the proximity that these beautiful islands have to each other. So, there is no need for long voyages before you see and experience the next exciting destination. If you want, you can be in a new part of the islands every day.


The U.S. Virgin Islands are among the most popular destinations for crewed yacht charters, and Goolets can offer you a choice of dozens of crewed luxury vessels, any of which will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime.

Short sailing times between the three main islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas are not the only attractive features of a yacht charter in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Cruising around these islands provides a perfect balance of activity and leisure. Whether your yacht charter will be for an active family, or if it needs to be at a more sedate and romantic pace, the U.S. Virgin Islands is a fantastic choice.

You will also experience the beautiful white sand beaches that are a signature of this area. The main islands also have a wealth of exclusive shops and high-quality restaurants to enjoy when you take some time ashore from your chartered yacht.

How can you charter your crewed yacht in the U.S. Virgin islands?

We are the experts in chartering crewed yachts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They have been operating yacht charters in this region for over twelve years, and they have access to some of the most stunning and luxurious yachts available in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Being a specialist yacht-chartering agent, Goolets can use their expertise, market knowledge, and vast network of yacht owners in the U.S. Virgin Islands to ensure you charter the best yacht to suit your group’s needs. They will provide you with help and advice in planning your cruise, arranging your USVI itinerary, and coordinating your arrival and pickup.

Goolets yacht charters around the U.S. Virgin Islands only include crewed yacht charters. Your vessel will come with a skipper, sailors, and a chef if you require one.


A crewed yacht charter means that you don’t need to have any seamanship experience or skills to enjoy a luxurious trip of a lifetime around the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands.

Your crew will come with expert knowledge and experience of the waters around the islands, and of the inland attractions, you can enjoy. Your chef will prepare your favorite meals and snacks, just the way you like them. All you need to do is relax and soak in the experience of a fantastic cruise, around beautiful islands, on a luxurious yacht.

You may be thinking that there is not much of a reason for actually getting off your beautiful yacht, and you might be right. However, the U.S. Virgin Islands has so much to see and experience, it would be a shame not to get ashore for a bit.

To whet your appetite for the wonderful experiences you can have during your yachting vacation around the U.S. Virgin Islands, here are a few of the fantastic attractions.

Things to see and do in the U.S. Virgin islands

Saint Croix

Saint Croix (Santa Cruz island)

The island of St Croix is characterized by its Danish colonial architecture, sugar plantations, archaeological sites, and coral reefs.

Here are the best places to visit on St Croix island:

  • Christiansted national historic site.
  • Botanical Gardens at St. George Village.
  • Millennium Monument at Point Udall.
  • Salt River Bay National Park.
  • Salt River Canyon’s east and west walls.
  • Rainbow Beach.
  • Shallow wreck diving at Butler Bay.
  • Dine at Turtle’s Deli or Rumrunners Restaurant.
  • Duty-free shopping at Baci Duty-Free.
  • St Croix Heritage Trail.
  • Green Cay Marina at Tamarind Reef.
  • Salt River Marina.
  • Several golf courses, including two 18-hole courses and one 9-holer.
Cruz bay

Top things to do in Saint John

Almost two-thirds of St John, around five thousand acres, has been designated as a national park. The protection of national park status allows St John, the smallest of the three major U.S. Virgin Islands, to have some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see.

These beaches alone make St John an essential stopover on your chartered yacht cruise around the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, St John has a few other things to offer visitors:

  • Salt Pond Bay tidal pools.
  • Shio for unique jewelry at the Bamboo Studio.
  • Visit the exclusive shops and restaurants of Mongoose Junction.
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Things to do in Saint Thomas

This island is the busiest and most vibrant location in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The capital city of Charlotte Amalie is one of the most picturesque harbors in the world, being ringed by more than forty beaches. Its beauty contributes to St Thomas being one of the most popular stops for yachts and cruise ships sailing around the Caribbean.

There is plenty to do and see ashore in St Thomas, including:

  • Wreck diving at various dive sites.
  • Fine dining at the Shoreline Bar and Grille, Morgan’s Mango restaurant, or Virgilio’s Italian restaurant.
  • Duty-free shopping with twice the limit of other Caribbean islands ($ 1.600).
  • Stunning beaches.
  • 700 foot Skyride.
  • Charlotte Amalie’s 99 Steps.
  • Fort Christian.


Whatever your group size, age range, or make-up, a chartered yacht cruise around the U.S. Virgin has something to offer everyone. This exceptional part of the world deserves to be explored in a memorable way.

There is no better way to witness the U.S Virgin Islands’ beauty than by chartering a crewed yacht. Yacht charter experts, Goolets can turn this dream trip into a reality, ensuring that your U.S. Virgin Islands’ yacht charter is one of the most luxurious, fun, and memorable experiences you will ever have.

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