Yacht Charter Price: All what you need to know about the cost

Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to charter a yacht? What is included in the charter price? What kind of yachts can you get for different price ranges?

Here we are going to explain everything you needed to know about yacht charter prices. Since we have been in this business for more than 15 years and have gained a lot of experience to guide you from point zero to the best vacation ever.

We understand your time is precious, so trust us when we say, we know what we’re doing.

Live your dream vacation and charter a yacht, let others take care of you, and spend your well-deserved vacation as you should.

Relaxed – free from tension – calm

Let us help you to find the right charter yacht for you and your needs. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Send us an inquiry and we will send you back the best options for you. Our top sales experts know every inch of the yachts and will be glad to make the best deal for you.

In case you have an approximate idea of your yachting holiday:

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  • How much is your budget about

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Price categories

You can charter a yacht for your vacation from € 10.000 per week and up to € 2.000.000 per week. On your yacht vacation, you can invite from 4 to 40 friends or family members.

Here is an ultimate guide of charter yacht prices.

We separate charter Yachts into 3 main price categories:

  • Up to € 50.000 per week
  • From € 50.000 – € 100.000 per week
  • More than € 100.000 per week

What is included in this price definitely needs special attention and reading the whole underline text.


Charter Yacht for up to € 50.000 per week

Most of the charter yachts up to € 50.000 per week can accommodate up to 10 passengers in up to 5 cabins.  The length of yachts is from 20m – 39m and you can expect up to 6 members of the crew. The crew will take care of you and all your needs from the beginning until the end of your cruising adventure.

Not all charter yachts in this category have the jacuzzi or many amenities, so in this case, it is always good to confirm it if it means a lot to you. Definitely you will be part of the exclusive service, memorable cuisine, and luxury, as all the modern yachts promise this. If you are a smaller number of friends and family this is a perfect choice for you to taste the leisure and visit many places in a short time.

Mercury 1

Charter Yacht from € 50.000 – € 100.000 per week

Higher price in this industry means more luxury and more comfort.

The yacht’s length in this category is from 30m and up. A group of 12 friends or family members can pleasantly be accommodated in 6 cabins.

The number of crew members is increasing as more demands are required. Jacuzzi is a must, as well are tenders and many water toys and exercise equipment for the ones who want to stay active and fit.  The dining experience becomes more fascinating since there is more variety of food and more exclusive cuisine. Many of them have separate entertaining and relaxation areas, gym, swimming platform, beach bar, and BBQ.

All the places are carefully planned so they can provide you privacy and socialize. You can expect comfortable cabins and much more specious exterior areas.


Charter Yacht for more than € 100.000 per week

In this category yachts to charter, it is not important just where you cruise but also how you cruise. And with any of those Yachts, you do travel with the style and experience the pure luxury.

Only the sky’s the limit.

The size of the yacht for more than € 100.000 starts with 30m and up.  The number of guests can be 12 or more and there are usually 2 members of the crew on each passenger plus the captain. Here even the most demanding clients stay satisfied and with no comments.

The cabins are called suites and usually, there is a master suite as well. Many times with a private gym, jacuzzi, or steam room.

  • Assorted water toys
  • Full scuba diving equipment
  • Seabobs
  • Jet Skis
  • Water skis 

… are taken for granted.

Among the crew you can expect a:

  • Masseur 
  • Top-quality chef
  • Plenty of hostesses and waitresses 
  • Scuba-diving and yoga instructor

Serving you with white gloves and available 24/7. The crew is your gateway to luxury and pure enjoyment. Helipad, scooters, bicycles at your disposal as well as a beauty salon, dance floor, BBQ and beach bar for any entertainment you like.

Since the needs of each client are different trust us and we will make this vacation tailored according to you and your preferences.

Learn everything about the price breakdown and what is in the charter price

Before we start explaining the price breakdown it is important to know how yachts differ from each other:


Modern Yachts

Modern yachts combine modern lines with a classy high luxury. It is not just the name that guarantees you the luxury and comfort, it’s everything behind. It is the service, the crew, the amenities, and destinations. Combining all this you understand you are enjoying the real yachting holiday.

On modern Yacht, you can meet high tech equipment and exclusive interior design.

There is a maximum of 12 passengers and an average of 24 members of the crew plus the captain that takes care of each passenger’s comfort. 

The chefs are ready to satisfy such a demanding client’s tastes. 

On modern Yachts, you can expect everything; from the jacuzzi, pool, spa, beauty salon, steam room to dance floor, beach bar, and of course, cinema theatre.

The length of the Modern Yachts is from 10m to 90m or more.

With watersports amenities, you are never bored on a yachting vacation. 

Snorkeling, scuba diving, kiteboard, paddleboard, kayak, and seabobs are just some facilities that most super modern yachts offer.

Prepare a real party with karaoke and DJ booth with light and smoke show and impress everyone from close and far away.

ANĐEO Sunset

Classical Yachts (gulets)

Gulet is a traditional wooden type of vessel, first made in Turkey. 

An average length of a classical Gulet is 20 to 30m and has 4 to 8 cabins. It can accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers.

Classical gulet is not meant to sail. It has sailed, but more as a support to the engine. We distinguish between StandardDeluxe, and Luxury Gulets.

Deluxe and luxury gulets are more like motorsailer Yachts with the high professional crew assembled with a chef, waitress, hostesses, engineers, deckhand…

Deluxe and luxury gulets have fewer cabins and fewer passengers to accommodate but the higher number of the crew that takes care of you.

The difference is not just in the price but it is also in:

  • Length
  • Number of cabins and passengers
  • Crew
  • Service
  • Amenities

Most Luxury gulets have jacuzzi as well and a big variety of facilities. From jet ski, waterski, paddleboard, kayak, canoe, Ringo ride, and much more.

Gulets as a classical Yacht is a perfect choice for a family vacation with many water sport facilities and a lot of fun.

Rara Avis

Motor Sailing Yachts

With Motor Sailing Yachts most of the cruising, the principal source is the engine and the sails are just to support the engine power. 

Most of them are 20 – 25 meters in length and can accommodate 22 and up to 46 guests.

Usually, Motor Sailing Yachts have about 10 to 20 cabins and 5 – 8 crew members taking care that nothing goes wrong. Mostly steel vessels can be organized to cruise together in a fleet of two or three.

On Motor Sailing Yacht you will get:

You can count on a wide selection of sports activities and entertainment.

Here we distinguish them in 3 different categories:

  • A Category (cabins are a bit smaller and not always air-conditioned but well maintained)
  • A+ or Luxury Category (all cabins are air-conditioned, bigger and better)
  • De Lux Category (almost like a Yacht, but with more cabins and passengers as on Yachts)

The atmosphere on this yachting vacation is really friendly and companionable. They all come with the professional crew, fully equipped, and wide roomy dining area.

It is a unique, affordable, and memorable experience.

Yacht Size – In comparison to prices

There are many influences on charter yacht prices.

The length of the Yacht is not an ultimate price indicator. 

Yachts can be from 15m to 100m long and the price does not increase with the length of the yachts.

The charter Yacht price has a lot to do also with:

  • The quality of the yacht
  • The year it was built or refined
  • The number and quality of the crew on the yacht
  • The base location of the yacht
  • The brand of the yacht

There is no rule that a yacht with more cabins is more expensive.

Yachting holidays are the best type of vacation for between 8 to 12 people, but it is good to know there are yachts for less and of course for many more passengers as well.

Extra Payments

Different yachts have different yacht policies. 

It is good to check out what is in the selected yacht policy. 

Some yachts to charter include in price everything and some others charge Charter fee and everything else is extra to pay. 

Extras can be:

Mandatory extras or Non-Mandatory extras

Mandatory extras

Mandatory extras stand for the amount needed to be paid extra, apart from the charter fee. It is required by the owner of the yacht. 

This amount covers the expenses of:

  • Drink and food options and
  • Tourist and port taxes

Food options can be organized as Half Board or Full Board.

Drink options are:

  • All-inclusive (domestic beverages available)
  • Bar price (beverages from the bar)
  • Corkage fee (your choice of the beverages, pre-ordered and delivered on board before your arrival)


Non Mandatory extras

Non-mandatory extras mean they are optional and need to be paid only if you decide to:

  • Anchor in private marinas
  • Visit national parks (entrees)
  • To start or end the cruising somewhere else, where the base of the vessel is; Relocation fee (optional)

All those extra are optional and not required by the owner of the vessel or ship company.

They are left to your personal choice.

Non-mandatory extras are as well:

  • Transfer from airport or hotel to yacht and back 
  • Extra Activities during the cruising
  • Extra crew member on your request

Each yacht can be specific and has different terms of the policy. But some kind of a general rule could be: 

add on a charter fee 30% and you get the all-inclusive price.

Advanced Payment Allowance

More sophisticated yachts also operate with the A.P.A. (advanced Payment Allowance).

It means you pay a certain amount in advance and all the Mandatory and NonMandatory extras are paid from this amount. 

If at the end of your cruising the amount is still in A.P.A. you get it back, if you exceed it, you add more on the spot.

Usually, the A.P.A is about 30% of the charter fee.


We can help you find your dream Yacht

We know that organizing yacht charter holidays can be tiresome. There are just so many different vessels to choose from! But if you plan the right way if you are a bit adventurous and if classic hotel holidays are not any more your “cup of tea”, then we can be of a great assistance.


Destination possibilities to charter Yacht for your holidays are enormous. From the vivid Mediterranean islands to the exotic Australasia. We have an itinerary ready for each taste of our clients.

We can find the perfect destination for you and your needs, all you have to do is send an inquiry or call us and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

We personalize each route, think of all the details and make everything for your vacation to be memorable, unique, and something special. 

According to your budget, wishes, and ideas, we will make the best out of it.

Check the yacht charter destinations and do not hesitate to contact us.

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