Life is Good - When you are able to beat days when you feel bad!

All people are bipolar on some level. 

We have days when everything is awesome, the sun is shining, and all we see are rainbows and butterflies.  Yet, grim days always follow. Those days when we feel insecure; we fear that our work is of poor quality; we feel drained of all energy, and life feels pointless.

This is a natural cycle. Some people try to fight - or fix - their down days with all sorts of distractions. Some are negative (alcohol, drugs, Netflix, junk food, not doing anything, focussing on anxious thoughts...). Some are positive (meditation, spending time in nature, doing some physical exercise, helping somebody out, creative writing...).

Every person has his/her own “reaction plan" / coping mechanisms for bad moods, but I have discovered two things that significantly reduced my “bad days”, and made my life good.

If you do these two things every time you feel bad/down/depressed, it is almost guaranteed you will feel start to feel better (if not great).

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Insight No. 1: Are you living with your full potential

I read this in one of the books by Grant Cardone, written in straightforward terms. Every time you feel down, flat, and without any energy, ask yourself one simple question:

“Are you living your life to the fullest potential?"

If the answer is no, then this is probably the main reason why you feel low.

I tried out this exercise and it became instantly clear to me that this is indeed the case!

When I fell down, I instantly realised:

  • My diet is off. My weight is up;
  • Some of the projects in the company are not going as planned;
  • I am paying too little attention to my awesome wife;
  • I did not train properly for some time;
  • I think I should devote more quality time and think to my work;
  • I think I am currently performing at around 30% of my potential….

When I realised this, I instantly felt better. I understood where the problems were. When we understand the problem areas, the rest is much easier.

So I decided to become more focused in trying to reach my potential and drew up a plan of what I needed to do. But this was just one part of the story - I still felt that something was missing.

And then I learned this.


Insight No. 2: Mood follows action

A good friend sent me this podcast.

It is a great talk about how our brain works. One of the things Dr Andrew Huberman said really blew my mind.

Many people believe that in order to do something, we need to be in a good mood, feel motivated, with high energy, and self-discipline. But it is actually the other way around.

If you get into action and DO SOMETHING, regardless of how you are feeling at the time, you become motivated, your energy increases, your mood improves, and you build up self-discipline.


Mood follows action!

What does this mean?

You are sleepy? Do 10 burpees and see how you feel! You are not in the mood to work? Force yourself to work, focus, put some music on...and after 15 minutes you will be on fire! You are not motivated to work out? Start slow. Warm-up. Do some light exercise. You will notice how your energy and motivation will follow.

Attitude and mindset are everything.

We work hard to maintain a positive attitude within our company. We work with yacht owners who also have a positive mindset.

But we all understand that days will come when we just feel flat, and unproductive. When these days come, do not eat an entire cake or drink yourself to death.

Also do not be unkind to your co-workers, or your wife, or your business partners.

  • Take ownership of how you feel!
  • Ask yourself if you are living your life to its fullest potential, or if you are slacking off?

I can almost guarantee it, LIFE WILL BE GOOD (or at least a lot better)  when you do this.

Written by: Mitja Mirtič

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