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Gulets Against Hotels, Villas. Which one is better? What would you book?

Lots of time people compare gulet cruises to hotel accommodation. While my kids were smaller we have decided to take a short break from gulets and booked a very nice hotel in Samos – Greece. We had a great time and in this post, I will explain the differences between gulets and hotels!

Greece is for sure great. I love Greek mentality, laid back approach, their food, and culture. I was not very keen on going to the hotel for my holidays after doing gulets all the years, however, when we agreed on Samos in Greece I was okay with it.

The hotel was very very nice 5 stars resort. The food was amazing and the staff was very nice. Also, the hotel had a very nice pool and the beach was 25 meters away from the hotel.


We booked the holidays for 14 days. Here is the good stuff we experienced:

  • we rented the car and checked most of the stunning places on this very nice island.
  • the food was amazing. I broke a record and gained around 7 kg in 14 days?!
  • the sea was nice.
  • pool was great for kids.
  • hotel organized very amusing Greek night and there was almost some sort of activities going on.
  • we had 25 minutes walk to get to the main town, which was not so close but tolerable.
  • the hotel was very clean. The room was spacious and nice. The bathroom was also very spacious.

Bad things about this holidays:

  • if you wanted the space by the pool someone had to wake up very early in the morning and take the towel and place it on some sun chair to reserve it!
  • the lines in the restaurant during the breakfast and dinner were not very short.
  • we only went around an island for 2 days. The rest was lying on the beach and in front of the pool. Quite boring if you are an active type.
  • to go for 14 days to the same beach in front of the hotel is also a bit boring.
  • all the places were crowded. There were not lots of possibilities to run away from other pesky tourists. 

How would I compare Gulets & Hotel holidays?

I am 100% sure I am spoiled. I like to go away from crowds to some isolated bays. I also like to jump from the ship directly to the sea and snorkel around.

I love to eat outside overlooking the sea and pine trees.

I also like to see lots of different things. Lying in front of the pool all the time is not my thing.

If I can check different towns, beaches, villages without taking long walks and driving the car – it is perfect for me.

If you are exact opposite of me then gulets are not for you. If you like these things I mentioned also, then try out gulets. You will not be sorry.

Unfortunately, gulets come in limited numbers only. You can not find them all over the World. Also, they are a bit more expensive as hotels and the rooms and bathrooms in gulets are smaller than those of hotels. 

But if you are considering to check Croatia gulet CruisesTurkey gulet Cruises or Greek gulet Cruises then think no further. You will not be sorry.

Gulets have incredible VALUE for the price and are worth every single dime.

Mitja Mirtič

Gulet cruises or cruise liners. What is better? What is the difference?

Gulets Against Villa Rentals. What is better? How is it different?

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