Traditional Croatian cuisine 

Traditional Croatian cuisine is truly one of the best Mediterranean food that has many variations and modern twists included. Croatian food also has many different influences of neighbouring countries, and different nations so it is often hard to distinguish dishes that are exclusive to Croatia. However here are some examples of what you can expect of food when visiting the beautiful coast on your next cruise.

What to expect? 

Croatian cuisine is partly continental, partly the Mediterranean depending on which region of Croatia you are visiting.

However, in the coastal region, you will find influences of mostly Italian or Greek cuisine.

Dalmatian food that is common in coastal cities and on the islands, is based profoundly on various types of fishes, Adriatic shrimps, green veggies, olive oil, and seasonings like garlic, rosemary, parsley, etc. Dalmatian cuisine is in general is very healthy and it is the typical Mediterranean cuisine. So here are some details about specific dishes that are common in the Dalmatia region and Croatia, so you know what to expect on a gulet cruise.