Deluxe gulet

What are best value gulets?

In order to book a blue cruise that has the Best Value for money…

….you should first know what the “THE BEST VALUE GULETS” have in common.

Here is the list:

No.1 Experienced Captain, who is able to show you amazing hidden places as well as know spots you need to see.

Captain is the main man

No.2 A chef who knows how to prepare the food, you will remember for life.

Chef should be your best friend during the cruise

No.3 Sailors and extra help that will make sure the boat will be clean and your food served the way it should be.

Crew on blue cruise is what makes the difference

No.4 Gulet owners who are aware that your happiness is the most important part of their business. 

Best Value Gulets - Good Owner means good services

No.5 Vessels that offer good size, large cabins and lots of space for less money.

Luxury gulet

As you can see a good size cabins and size of the boat in comparison with the price comes in the last place.

Here is why.

Imagine these 2 situations. Both gulets had the same price.


You just arrived on a gulet (25 meters in length built in 2005) and the procedure was like this:

– A friendly captain in uniform welcomes you in the most professional way possible.

– You sit down in front of the clean table and enjoy a perfect welcome drink along with some snacks.

– Gulet is superbly maintained, clean, cabins are well done and you see everything works perfectly.


You arrive on 30 meters gulet, built in 2009, almost new and the procedure was like this:

– When you arrive on board the crew is not very well connected. You carry your own bags on the boat and nobody is quite sure what to do.

– There is no welcome drink or any serious check in procedures – you just go to your cabins and the vessel takes off.

– You can see that it is not very well maintained and also there is an issue of how clean it is.


Which one would you pick?

Bigger and newer or a bit older and smaller gulet?

I think the decision is quite easy. Gulet no.1 always wins!

But unfortunately 80% of the times no.2 gets the booking.

It is bigger and newer and the offered discount was just so attractive.


If you are searching for the best experience of your life, look for this 3 things first:

– BEST POSSIBLE CREW (attitude, experience, communication)

– QUALITY FOOD (variety, quantity, and presentation of food)

– INTERESTING CRUISE ROUTE (bays, towns, motivation of the captain)


It i really nice to cruise on a luxury gulet, however, it is CRUCIAL for your satisfaction to have a good crew, great food, and itinerary which you will enjoy to the fullest.

You cannot really imagine (until you experience it first hand) what kind of magic your crew can do for you.

How important is when your captain explains you some facts about the route and gives you some good advice.

How amazing it is to have a chef, who will prepare incredible fish and his own special dessert which you will remember for the rest of your life.

And of course that you will be able to check all the places that are most interesting for you….


It is not an easy task. Every owner will say his gulet is the best.

So it takes experience, good knowledge and lots of research.

Or you can contact us and we do all the hard work for you.

Mitja Mirtič

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