History of Nevijana

Nevijana is a wooden ship built in 1958, in Trpanj on the peninsula Peljesac in Croatia. The ship is in the possession of Skrokov family since 1966. Buying the ship called „Mladen“ at that time was a dream come true for the young Skrokov family returning from distant Australia. The ship „Mladen“ presently „Nevijana“ was used to transport food and building materials for houses on the coast of Dalmatia. The boat was rebuilt so that it can transport firewood, in the winter, to the islands around the Zadar archipelago and in the summer it was used and a tourist boat. The Skrokov family was one of the first to start driving tours to Kornati National Park. Truly it is longevity and experience of nautical tourism that lasts for generations.  Therefore after 40 years, the grandfather of today’s Captain Ante decided to hand over the command of the ship to his son Marijan and go into retirement. Tradition has continued and Nevijana has for a long time done one-day trips to NP Kornati and Telascica Nature Park as well as around Zadar archipelago.

Old photo of Nevijana
Collage of Nevijana

Ante’s father expanded the fleet by buying another ship and handing the helm of the Nevijana to his son to continue the tradition. After a few years they decided that the boat should be changed and the Nevijane reconstruction started in 2016. That year the ship was reconstructed to a cruise ship for the Adriatic. The ship was restored by Captain Ante, who restored the entire wooden section of the ship, while the installation of electricity on board was done by Kristijan Skrokov, a cousin and a sailor on the Nevijana. All the members of the family and friends who invested a lot of effort and love were involved in the reconstruction. So nowadays it is restored but with the old spirit that is hidden in every one of its ribs, Nevijana continues to sail.

What about the name?

The Skrokov family is located on the island of Pasman in the village of Nevidane, which in the distant past is mentioned as Nevijane where exists the ruins of the church of St.Martin dating from 9th century. There is a legend that tells how at that time when the world was overrun with plague the church of St.Martin in Nevidane also had a monastery in which Nevijana a nun was staying. Believers say that she gave extraordinary care to the plague patients. The legend says that her name Nevijana was given to the village in her honor. Throughout the years the name changed and today it is named Nevidane. To honor the legend the family Skrokov carries the name Nevijana.