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Top 5 Best Beaches to visit in Turkey.

Turkey Offers a large variety of amazing beaches. The best way to check them out is for sure with a gulet blue cruise


. Turkey’s beaches can be described as spectacular arcs of sand hidden in pretty scenic bays and gorges.
. Most of the beaches are scattered among the country’s peninsulas.
. They are perfect options for those who want peace and authenticity and those running away from the urban hustle.
. The beaches are rarely crowded, even in the summer holidays.
. If you are planning to stay on the beaches for hours, you cannot miss some excellent restaurants serving fresh Turkey’s foods.
. There is also a variety of accommodation options in the Turkey’s cities for anyone on a long holiday.
. The following are the top 5 best beaches to visit in Turkey;

1. Cirali Beach

. Flanked by two spectacular mountains, Cirali is a dramatically beautiful beach.
. The 3-km long beach boasts rare species of turtles that nest on the beach’s white sand.
. The Olympos beach is famed for its trail paths and tree house accommodation.
. The nearby village offers fabulous restaurants with a friendly atmosphere.
. Close to the beach, there is the Canada Hotel, where you can have accommodation at an affordable rate.

2. Kaputas Beach

. Located between the breath-taking regions of Kas and Kalkan, Kaputas is a gorge with a beautiful stretch of sand.
. The beach is very accessible through the Kalkan-kas road route.
. On a windy day, the beach offers an excellent opportunity for watching spectacular waves of blue water.
. It is familiar with local, which gives non-Turks an excellent chance to learn Turkey’s culture.
. If you are looking for accommodation near Kaputas, you might have to consider the Korsan Apartment located in Kalkan.


Kaputas 5


3. Hisaronu Bay

. Lying on the Datca peninsula’s midpoint, Hisaronu Bay consists of two small spectacular beaches.
. The beauty of the beach is boosted by a neon-lit resort found in the neighboring Olu Deniz.
. The beach has a permanent breeze and is popular with windsurfers.
. The neighboring towns have many restaurants offering a variety of Turkey’s foods.
. If you are planning to stay in Hisaronu for weeks, you can have accommodation at the Golden Key hotel.

4. Ortakent Beach

. Lying along the famous Bodrum shoreline, Ortakent is a secret and delightful beach.
. The beach is surrounded by market gardens and a quiet rural village.
. It’s a great place to participate in water sports such as wake-boarding, sailing, and kayaking.
. With these watersport opportunities, Ortakent is a great destination for a family holiday.
. You should not worry about accommodation while visiting Ortakent because the Tamarisk Hotel offers great accommodation options.

5. Ovabuku Beach

. Backed by a small stretch of crystal-clear sand, Ovabuku is a pretty beach located on the Datca peninsula.
. The beach is surrounded by the lush forest of pine, oak, carob and myrtle trees.
. It’s a perfect destination for those who are looking for peace and authenticity.
. There are small restaurants located near the beach for visitors to revive their energy with delicious Turkey’s foods.
. For a longer stay in Ovabuku, you can plan to have accommodation at the Olive Garden Hotel.

. Turkey is a country with its own share of beaches.
. The beaches are frequented by both domestic and foreign tourist’s.
. The foreign visitors are usually Europeans and Asians from the neighbouring countries.
. As usual, any foreign tourist should have a Turkey visa to be allowed in the country.

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