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Spanish Coast to Barcelona

Cruise along the vibrant Spanish coast, from the sunny chic paradise of Marbella to the fabulous city of Barcelona.










Day 1 - Saturday: Marbella - Malaga

Located in the south of Spain, Marbella is one of the most popular holiday destinations on earth.

Here you can enjoy amazing culinary experiences, high-end shops, sumptuous restaurants, and dazzling sights. Modern yet historic, Marbella’s Old Town is well worth exploring. Later you will head to Málaga to enjoy scenic beaches, go on a hike, or visit some fascinating historic buildings, monuments, and stylish harbors.

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Visit Puerto de Málaga

Explore Marbella Old Town

Dinner Onboard



Day 2 - Sunday: Malaga - Cartagena

After breakfast, you will cruise to Cartagena, where you will enjoy breath-taking beaches, ancient history, and a fascinating maritime heritage.

Visit the Old Town, explore Roman ruins, or relax on the best beach in Cartagena. Later, head back onboard and enjoy a delicious dinner.

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Taste Local Cuisine, Especially Tapas

Relax at the Beach

Discover Ancient Old Town



Day 3 - Monday: Cartagena - Alicante

Alicante is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities where you can explore chic boutiques, gorgeous beaches, and the majestic Old Town.

We also recommend visiting towering religious monuments, important town structures, museums, promenades, and trying out some delicious local tapas. Later you can head back onboard for dinner under the stars.

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Admire Houses in Old Town

Take a Tapas Tour

Lounge Around Postiguet Beach



Day 4 - Tuesday: Alicante - Valencia

Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, offers a great combination of cultural attractions, gorgeous beaches, a medieval fortress, and more.

Make sure you stroll down one of the most beautiful squares in Valencia, the Plaza de la Reina in the Old Town. This is also an ideal place to taste the original, world-famous Spanish dish, paella.

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Explore Valencia

Taste Local Paella

Visit Valencia's Central Market



Day 5 - Wednesday: Valencia - Tarragona

Sitting on the Costa Dorada, you will cruise to beautiful Tarragona, also known as the mini-Barcelona.

Here you can take a private tour and explore the best-preserved Roman ruins, a charming old town, or head back to the golden beaches of the Costa Daurada. One of the highlights is the old Roman Amphitheater - a must-visit.

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Tarragona's Roman Amphitheatre

Enjoy the Stunning Beach

Taste Seafood at Tarragona's Marina



Day 6 - Thursday: Tarragona - Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant, sophisticated city with avant-garde style for those looking for lively bars and five-star restaurants.

Catalonia's glorious capital offers spectacular scenery, breathtaking architecture, and superb cultural attractions. After all the sightseeing, head back onboard your yacht to enjoy dinner and wine.

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Explore Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

Sample the Finest Food

Visit Park Güell - Garden, Monuments and Forest


Day 7 - Friday: Barcelona area

One day in Barcelona is simply not enough - one could easily spend weeks exploring all the wonders of this magnificent destination.

We recommend you explore the town and visit places such as the UNESCO-listed Casa Milà and Casa Battló, the architect Antoni Gaudí's most famous buildings. Later you can head to Barcelona's Social Hub, La Rambla, and enjoy live music, shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafés.

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Visit Casa Milà and Casa Battló

Explore Palace of Catalan Music

Socialise on La Rambla


Day 8 - Saturday: Check-out

The time to say goodbye to your yacht and crew has arrived. After breakfast, check-out is anytime up until 09:00 a.m.

We advise you to confirm check-out logistics and onward planning (e.g. transfer to the airport) with your Goolets Advisor during the finalization procedure (prior to departure, your Advisor will assist with your itinerary/ preferred route, and finalise details).
We are here to help you make sure all these transitions are organized and completed in a smooth and efficient way.

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