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Learn 3 reasons why you should visit Fethiye

Fethiye can be either a place to visit during your Turkey gulet holidays or even a starting point for your cruise.

There are very nice gulets to choose from in Fethiye for gulet charter and also the itinerary you can have from there can be very diverse in interesting.


There are 3 main reasons why you should visit Fethiye during the cruise.


Reason no.1 – Great place for shopping and other “town” activities!

Lots of people are very active and they do not wish to just cruise and stay around isolated bays all the time. In that case, I call Fethiye one of the BIG 4 places which you should visit.

If you do a one-way cruise from Bodrum to Marmaris you can check all 4 major towns on the way:

– Bodrum 

– Gocek

– Fethiye

– Marmaris

So if you like to make some shopping, take a walk around the town, have a dinner ashore – you will get it all in Fethiye.


Reason no.2 – Great place to party!

If you like to go out to bars, have lots of drinks and dance your night away then you will not be disappointed in Fethiye. Lots of different bars and discos to check here.


Reason no.3 – Lots of “land” activities! 

Fethiye can also be a great starting point to choose one of many land activities. We will organize for you a guide and you can have lots of different trips to lots of different places.


Lets name a couple of them:

– Kayaköy
– Tlos/Saklikent
– Jeep Safari
– Paragliding
– Dalyan/Kaunos


More info on Fethiye on this link:

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