Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum

Bodrum is a district and a port city in Mugla Province; was once a calm small fishing village, themed the stories of famous Turkish author Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli.

The Bodrum Peninsula, reahcable by plane with the nearest airport being Milas Airport, is known, locally and internationally, as Turkey’s top resort destination, and extends west into the Aegean, bordering the Mediterranean, with more than a dozen towns and villages along its shores, of which the famous Bodrum city, although the largest, is but one of many. The entire Bodrum peninsula is peppered with numerous historical sites.

Bodrum is known in the ancient times as Halicarnassus which was the capital of Caria, was the birthplace of Herodotus and the site of King Mausolous Tomb (4th century B.C.), one of the Seven Wonders the Ancient World. In the harbor, the Bodrum Castle has been converted into the Museum of Underwater Archeology, with remains dating as far back as the Bronze Age. The stunning panoramic view from Goktepe, nearby, is much photographed by visitors to the Museums 2nd-century theater is used for concerts & shows, definitely worth visiting. In Bodrum city, a glitzy marina, is balanced out by quailtly cobbled back-streets and the multitude of restaurants, bars, shops, and cultural events make this a great year-round destination, but which really comes alive in spring.

Not far from town, you can swim in absolutely clear, tideless, warm seas. Underwater divers, especially, will want to explore the numerous reefs, caves and majestic rock formations. The waters offer up multicolored sponges of all shapes and sizes, octopi and an immense variety of other aquatic life.

Bodrum has gained the reputation as the center of the Turkish art community with its lively, friendly and Bohemian atmosphere and many small galeries. This community has encouraged an informal day-time lifestyle and a night-time of excitement. In Bodrum has played an important role. There are a number of boatyards around. The workmanship within the possibilities is still tremendous.

Traditinal Bodrum wooden boat race has been organized in October since 1989 to promote sailing for regional boats and gulets. It is a tremendous view to see hundreds of gulets sailing together down to Gokova.

”When you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bodrum. Don’t assume that you’ll leave as you came. The others before you were the same, too. As they departed, they all left their souls behind.”

The Fisherman of Halicarnassus (*)

(*) Cevar Sakir Kabaagacli known as the ”Fisherman of Halicarnassus”.

He was the Founder of Turkey’s famous Mavi Yolculuk ”BLUE VOYAGES”.

A historian, humanist, and ecologist, he was one of the country’s most popular writers and has been described as a modern Homer.

Taking the lead from the Fisherman, who was Turkey’s first professional tourist guide, this book explores the fascinating history and culture of these magical sailing waters. The Fisherman of Halicarnassus is the perfect companion for a sojourn on Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

The main stops of the bays & islands of the route Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum with appx. Nautical Mile information;

  •      BODRUM – ORAK ISLAND  ( 9 nm)
  •      ORAK ISLAND – ÇÖKERTME ( 10 nm )
  •      ÇÖKERTME – ENGLISH PORT ( 18 nm )
  •      ENGLISH PORT – KÜFRE BAY ( 11 nm )
  •      KÜFRE BAY –  SEDIR ISLAND ( 13 nm )
  •      SEDIR ISLAND – KARACASÖĞÜT ( 5 nm )
  •      KARACASÖĞÜT – SEVEN ISLANDS  ( 12 nm )
  •      SEVEN ISLANDS – LONG PORT ( 4 nm )
  •      LONG PORT – YALI ÇİFTLİK BAY ( 27 nm )
  •      KARAADA ISLAND – BODRUM ( 4 nm )
  •      BODRUM – KNIDOS ( 22 nm )

Here below you’ll see a Sample Route Plan for 7 overnights on board; Bodrum – Bodrum.

*Itineraries can be changed by the captain at short notice according to local forecast conditions for the safety & security of the guests on board.

Dedicated to the loving memory of The Fisherman of Halikarnassus and his Friends we named this Sample Route Plan as;

A Dream out of an Azure Geography