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Gulet Cruise Article on a super important thing about gulets!

I wanted to write this gulet Cruise Article for a long time and something happened recently that truly pushed me to write it down finally.

I talked about this before but only in a combination with other things. Now I will put it all in this blog post.


A couple of days ago I was talking with our Sales Team over coffee and one of the debates was over the clients that insist on the PRE-DETERMINED  day to day itineraries.

Lets SUM UP what clients insist on, how we manage it and what then actually happens.

1) CLIENT wishes super detailed cruise itinerary. Day by day suggestions where they will go and what they will see there.

2) We give all our knowledge talk with the owner and we make a plan that is super extensive and where clients will really “GET THE MOST OUT OF IT” (this means they will see the largest amount of different places)!

3) We sometimes spend weeks and really go into details. Something like that:

– On Monday at 08.00 Gulet will take off and you will have breakfast along the way.

– On 10.00 you will arrive in bay Palmižana on Pakleni islands.

– After lunch (at 14.00) you will take off and go to Hvar to check the island with a guide.

– 15.00 – 16.30 guided tour of the island and arrival back to the gulet for 5 o clock tea

– 19.00 arrival to Stari Grad on Hvar also and tour of the town. 20.30 – Dinner on the gulet.

What actually happens?

Gulet cruise route


AMAZING PLACES: you arrived at 10.00 on Palmižana and you completely fall in love with it? You do not wish to leave!!! And you stay there till the evening. In the evening you go to Hvar and check it out by yourself and you like it even more. You are so happy that you wish to stay there for 1 more day.  Will you stay there or you will leave – because you have a STRICT PLAN?

WEATHER: First of all you never know what the weather will be like. Will you follow the plan even if everybody in the group will throw up because of the waves or you will follow advice from the owner who will take you “with the wind” and bring you to completely amazing bay and the town where you will not feel any strange winds?


One of gulet cruise destinations


LAID BACK APPROACH:  most people because super relaxed when they arrive on a gulet. The beauty of spending a day on a gulet  is not in rushing and checking 10 different places in a single day! It is enjoying the places you visit. 

Do you know about this saying: It is not THE GOAL that is important it is A ROUTE of getting there that matters. 

This should maybe become a Blue Cruise slogan in the future. 

When you book a luxury villa it is all about getting there and staying there.

When you book a motor yacht it is all about going from point A to point B in the fastest possible way and then enjoying it there.

When you book bareboat and go sailing it is all about sports – going to point A to point B in a trilling fun way.

When it comes to gulets the trip from point A to point B should be:

a) super comfortable

b) with lots of stops

c) with lots of fun and relaxation

d) and then you come to POINT B!


So what is the most important thing on a gulet cruise holiday?

It is simple to answer!

The best thing on a gulet private charter is FLEXIBILITY!!!

I will say it again!

The best thing on a gulet private charter is FLEXIBILITY!!!


– If you do not like the food – talk to the owner (or chef) – and he will be flexible and change it.

– If you do not like the towns, talk to the captain…and you will avoid them and spend the time only around nature.

– If you really like someplace – you can stay there for 2 or 3 more days.

– If you wish to swim a little bit longer – do it.

– If you wish to go to some town faster – it is possible.

If you have to take 1 advice from this gulet cruise article it would be “how you should plan your gulet cruise”!


Gulet Linda in a bay


And you should plan like this:

1) determine what you like the most

2) notify this to your sales agent

3) organize 3 – 5 HIGHLIGHTS (towns, ports or something else) which you would really like to see

4) organize the best check-in and check out ports

5) determine the GOAL OF THE CRUISE (relaxation, as much action as possible, to party as much as possible, to check ruins, to go to churches, to get away from people, to go out of the gulet every single day, to check the most amazing beaches….)

6) note this in the preference list before your departure.


And you will almost for sure have the best time ever.

Mitja Mirtič

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