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How to make the cheapest gulet charter Greece booking?

Lots of people wish to rent gulets in Greece but they give up when they see how high the prices are. Yes. Gulet charter Greece is a very expensive way to spend your holidays. But it does not need to be so.

If you know some tricks you can also save lots of money cruising Greek islands.

Turkish gulet at anchor in the harbor of Symi Island, Dodecanese, Greece.


I love Greece. I have to admit it. I visited lots of islands and places till now (Corfu, Ios, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Samos, and Athens) and I liked them all. 

Greek people are great. Islands are amazing. Sea is fabulous.  But you already know all this.

You are reading this blog because of something else.

At this point you might have browsed the prices of gulet charter ships from Greece and you were surprised to find out…there are amazing options and very good gulets to choose from – the only problem is you need to have around 15.000 € (or much more) to be able to rent a decent gulet there.

And let us face it. Lots of people do not wish to spend so much money for this!




So how you can make the cheapest gulet charter Greece booking?

The solution is not so complicated.


You can do this:

1) Rent a gulet from Turkey

2) Start the cruise in Turkey and end it in Greece

3) Or start and end the cruise in Turkey and cruise Greek islands during the week.

Yes, I know that Turks and Greek people have a history between each other.

But this is more or less a distant past.


Turkey vs Greece


Here is some more good advice on this topic.

Advice no.1 – Do not embark and disembark in Greece with Turkish gulet!
The Greek law and conditions are changing almost every day. And if you start and end the cruise in Greek waters you are swimming in muddy waters
It is possible.
a) it can be very expensive
b) it can also be against the law!
I would not do it. And in this case, also it will be very hard to go to Turkey (without having large custom problems and costs). 
Advice no.2 – One-way cruise is a fun way to experience more.
You can have a very nice mixture of Turkey towns (Bodrum and Marmaris), Turkey bays and culture and also seeing 2 nice Greek islands Rhodes and Kos.
You can do this on a nice one-way cruise itinerary.
It will cost you a bit more (one-way fee and Greek islands taxes and customs fees) but if you have the budget, it is well worth it.
If you have 2 weeks time to cruise this it is even better! 
More 1-week alternatives for gulet charter Greece :
• Bodrum – Kos – Symi – Rhodes – Marmaris
• Bodrum – Kos – Symi – Bozburun – Marmaris (you have great mixture of Turkey and Greece)
• Bodrum – Knidos – Datca – Symi – Rhodes – Marmaris (again a nice mixture)
• Bodrum – Knidos – Datca – Symi – Bozburun – Marmaris (again a nice mixture)
• Marmaris – Bozburun – SYMI – RHODES- Marmaris (cheapest option for Greek islands
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