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What are the best gulet cruise deals in Greece?

In Greece, you should not expect huge discounts or a lot of flexibility on the prices. Because of a smaller number of gulets they do not really have problems with bookings, which means negotiations are not very common (they are mostly possible in lower season).


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So when it comes to GREECE GULET CRUISES it is the best to do it in a 3-way procedure:

1) inform your agent about as many different possibilities as you can remember. The more info you provide, the better chance you have you will get a good deal.

2) wait for your agency to check for best deals, and after they send you possibilities – ASK ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS!

3) After you determine the gulet, choose the exact itinerary and made a reservation.


Mylopotas beach Ios island Cyclades Aegean Greece


Keep in mind these things:
– you can negotiate very well in off season (May, October maybe a bit also in June and September)
– You can get much better gulets if you book Turkish gulets and cruise Greek islands
– If you can cruise for 14 days, you can also go to the Cyclades with a Turkish gulet

So provide us with all the details possible about your needs and expectations and we will surely do our best to advice you the gulets which are the best for you and not the gulets which might be the best for someone else.


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