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Are there any special costs in Greece gulet cruises I should be aware of?

Your gulet cruise price is always a combination of this things

1) Charter price of the gulet: this normally includes rental of a gulet with the crew. Fuel in Greece is usually not included in the price and on top of the charter price you will also have to pay VAT, which is 8,5% on top of the charter price.


Gulet Price


2) Food payment: this is always an extra cost and it depends on the client’s wishes. Greece also has a bit different concept here. You pay APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) on top of the charter price, which is normally 20% and up to 30% extra on top of the charter price. From this money, crew pays for food, drinks, port taxes and other expenses. If you spend more than this money, you have to pay extra, if you spend less than this money, you get it back. You are of course presented with all the invoices of the expenditures.


Greek food


3) Drinks payment: most of the times drinks are paid from APA, however, some gulets also sell drinks from ships bar. You will be notified about this always already when we send you offers for your gulet cruise.


Gulet cruise experience


4) Tips: tips in Greece are similar then in Croatia. If you are extremely happy with the services you can tip up to 10%. If you are happy you can tip around 5% from the charter price if you are not so happy you can also tip less or not at all.


Gulet cruise crew


6) Extra trips, taxi boats, expenditures out of gulet: if you ever take a taxi if you join some extra trip outside of the gulet, go to the national park or spend money on souvenirs or restaurants out of the gulet – this are the client’s costs.

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