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What should I pack when I go on a gulet?

On a gulet cruise, you can leave your tie and fancy evening dress at home. There is no official dress code on gulets and if you feel comfortable you can spend an entire week only in your swimsuit (and maybe a T-shirt during the lunch or dinner).


Packing in cabin

Cabins on board of gulets are not as large as hotel rooms so it is a good idea to pack light.
Of course, some nice clothes for evening trip around the city are a good idea – but all this is optional.

 So which things are a must have during the cruise. Let’s name a couple of them: 

– swimming suit
– sun cream
– sun glasses
– a couple of shirts and pants
– your favorite book
– everything you need for personal hygiene


And this is more or less all. No tuxedos needed on a gulet cruise.

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