Is there crew on a gulet?

Crew on a gulet deserves special section on our page as they are THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR when it comes to client’s satisfaction. For example STANDARD SHIP with BEST CREW is much much better combination than LUXURY SHIP with non professional or bad crew.


Gulet cruise crew



Every gulet has a crew and the number of crew depends on the size of gulet and group. It is usually from minimum 2 members for smaller 2 or 3 cabins gulets and up to around 4 or even 5 members on more luxury type gulets. You have to know, that no matter what is the number of crew on gulet you will never have to drive the ship, cook or serve the food or clean your cabins. All we be taken care for you. The crew and their responsibilities on board is like this: Gulet crewCAPTAIN: every gulet has a captain (skipper) who will drive the gulet and is responsible to take you safely to your next destination. Captain is the no.1 person on ship his responsibilities are huge and he has the final world about the itinerary. Captains’ communication towards the clients is very important as he can truly offer good advice and show you the most amazing places.


Gulet Nostalgija captain


CHEF: the second most important person on gulet (some would say even no.1 man on gulet) is defiantly the cook/chef. Gulets mostly have truly amazing chefs on board and food is one of the things you will defiantly remember on your cruise.




WAITTER: will make sure your food is properly served. Together with chef he will also clean the dishes and if there is no sailor or hostess on board also clean your cabins. A lot of times waiter can also be very good for communication and you can get all sorts of useful info from him also.


 Gulet cruise crew


SAILOR: makes sure that under the supervision of captain ship is tied properly, everything is clean on board and everything works properly. Sailor is like a captain’s apprentice taking care of all the »small things«. 




HOSTESS: on more luxury gulets, you will also find a hostess, who will clean and prepare your cabins, serve you drinks, clean the gulet deck and saloon and sometimes also took care of the kids.




You cannot imagine how important is the crew on gulets untill you see it in person. Most of repeated clients who come back on gulets (this number is very big) do not come back because the gulet had nice cabins, but only because of the crew. They can truly make your holidays a memorable experience.


There is also 1 more thing you have to know about Crews on gulets. Not everybody is for all type of groups. You can have very experienced crew, who are all huge experts on vines, food and truly know how to offer luxury services…..but they will never survive younger groups who wish to party all night long. This is only 1 of the examples. So finding the right crew is usually even more of a challenge then finding the most comfortable gulet for best price.


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