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Gulet sailboat – is this the right expression?

Most of the “real deal sailors” would laugh when you would give them an expression gulet sailboat! Can gulets really sail? Some of them they can sail very well. Some can not. Some do not even have sails. 

Gulet Dea Del Mare sail


Gulets (Goélette in French) are CREWED MOTOR SAILING YACHTS!
This means that they usually travel on MOTOR, but they also have sails and some of them also have really good sailing capabilities.
However, if sailing is truly very important for you – you should notice this in your first inquiry you send us.
A lot of gulets are not very well equipped with sailing equipment or they have captains which are not sailing experts.
Gulets still mostly travel on the motor, but there are exceptions of course. If you truly like sailing let us know and we will put you to gulet which can sail. Truly sail!
Gulet sailing


You do not need a sailing license of course to book a gulet.

 Gulet type ships are CREWED YACHTS, which means there is ALWAYS a crew that will take care of your needs.

The Captain will drive the yacht for you.

Gulet Nostalgija captain


The cook will prepare food for you and a waiter will prepare everything so that you can only sit by your table as in a hotel and eat your food.

Chef on Board


The unforgettable views of the sea are included in the price.

Unforgettable view


So, you do not have to worry about knowing how to drive a gulet, you will not have to cook, you will not have to serve food, you will not have to clean dishes. We make sure you are matched with the gulet and the crew, that can perfectly serve your group structure and wishes and provide you with a 24/7 personal concierge service to assist with details big and small. We are striving to make your Life is good.

 So can we use the expression “Gulet Sailboat“? We think you could, but not in all the cases.

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