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Gulet cruise stories: Easy morning pee time

In last 10 years, I have heard so many different funny and scary gulet cruise stories that I could write a book about it.

A lot of this stories are from a friend of a friend who heard something about his other friend… they could be 100% true, 50% true or maybe completely made up

Some of them are so bizarre that only a people with incredible imagination could be thought of them…real or fake I have decided to share a couple of these stories on this blog. I will not use any names and if somebody will recognize himself (client or the owner) – if the story is funny he should laugh at it – if the story is scary, he should learn from it…and think about it for some time.



This is all shared in good faith and with a goal to make gulet cruises even better, then they already are.

I am not quite sure if this story is funny or scary. I think a little bit of both. I think if I were a client paying 15.000 € for 7 days cruise and this would happen to me…well it would be scary. But I must admit that when I heard this story for the first time….it was funny to me.


I have absolutely no idea which gulet owner had done this and when this has happened (if it even had happened), but the story goes like this….

It was very easy going morning.  A couple of gulets were peacefully resting in a super nice bay. All you could hear was only the sound of seagulls. the sea was totally calm (like a glass) and everybody was still sleeping.


Enjoying the sunset on the deck


And then the action started to happen. Some owner of some gulet woke up and came on deck. He took an easy stroll around the gulet and checked if everything is okay. He stretched a little bit and enjoyed easy morning sun….and everybody knows, that early morning sun IS THE BEST!!!


The owner felt good. Clients were still sleeping. Everything was going smoothly.  It was just one of those weeks, where everything is too good to be true.

And this great feeling made this gulet owner comfortable. Very comfortable….According to the story, I heard…..a bit too comfortable 🙂


I will explain why. He made a hat trick:


1) he went on deck – at the back of the gulet – outside.
2) he took IT out

3) and he had THE BEST EVER easy going morning pee time in the sea


And this is not the end of the story.


While the owner was still performing (in a matter of seconds) the chef came on the deck also.


And he has seen his boss in the action.


And yes – he also wanted a piece of action also – and joined him 🙂 


Maybe this would not even be so terrible if this was a standard Gulet. But it was not. It was a Ketch. And the main difference between “Ketch” and  “gulet” is that gulet has all the cabins in front of the vessel….while ketch also has cabins at the back of the vessel.

Very good example of what is a Ketch and what is a Gulet (this picture is just to give you an idea of a difference and it is absolutely no correlation with this story by the way)!!


gulet cruise stories 

If we get back to the story….Imagine you are sleeping in the best cabin on the gulet (at the back). There is complete silence all around you (only the sound of the seagulls). You have the window of your cabin opened. You are enjoying the fresh air as your head is very close to the sea and to the window, 

And then all of the sudden, you hear a sound of a waterfall.  Not 1 – but 2. You think you are dreaming. It actually sounds very nice…until you realize this:
1)  it is not a dream…the sound is real
2) the smell gets to you…the nice smell of morning urine
3) and you see there is somebody peeing 1 meter away from your head!?!?!


As far as I heard the client stood up for a second and came on the deck while the dream team was still performing.  And as far as I heard the man just shook his head – he made sure the captain and chef have seen him and then he went back to the cabin….while the owner and the chef were completely and totally embarrassed.


I do not know how the cruise finished. Did the client forget about this or he made the rest of the cruise a living hell to the owner (I think he should have)?

I sure hope owner at least gave them a free dinner and apologized and I sure hope he learned something from it. 


So what did we learn from this story? A couple of things.


1) What is a difference between GULET and KETCH?


2) How important a crew is when it comes to gulet cruises. This is the most important lesson of this article. You can be on a super DELUXE gulet but if the crew is not professional and if something like this happens to you…I do not think you will laugh to it. And if we would send you on this kind of gulet and this would happen to you….we would not laugh also (to be precise).


Gulet Hana Crew


And who knows maybe some parts of this really happened 🙂

This should however not hold you back if you are interested in a gulet cruise. Gulets are an amazing way how you can spend your holidays and when you will cruise one time…you will never go to any hotel again. 

Check how a day on a gulet looks like on this link: A Day on a gulet!  

If a photo gallery how a day on a gulet looks like did not convince you to send us an e-mail on with all your doubts and questions and we will be happy to answer them.

And my biggest advice: Always keep positive attitude 🙂

Mitja Mirtič

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