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Blue Cruise Trip – Day-2 – The Journey Continues!

Read why it’s good to forget about being an adult from time to time and how little surprises can get the action going in most unexpected ways.

On the first day we have set the mood and escaped the masses.

The second day was all about fun, fun, fun.

Waking up in the morning


DAY 2 – The Blue Cruise Continues!

Waking up on the board of a gulet is an amazing experience. The sun wasn’t hot because there was no concrete around us, quite the opposite, it was just pure warmth elevating from the sea and the surrounding island. Some of us took a morning swim to help get going. Can you imagine how good it feels to have the sea in such proximity?

Something else sets apart a Blue Cruise and your average holidays. First of all, you have significantly more influence in determining where and when you want to eat, when and what you want to see, all in an environment of people you want to spend your time with. This way of spending your vacation has so many advantages from ‘normal’ traveling options it is

virtually impossible to write it all down.

How we had our breakfast!

None of us could ever imagine eating breakfast in a crowded space again. The feeling on a gulet was completely different. We had much more say in what kind of breakfast we wanted and the communication with the crew was more informal. It couldn’t get better than that.





One of us had a birthday the second day of our gulet cruise. The crew brought out a bottle of high-quality champagne to celebrate the occasion. That wasn’t all! They actually played a traditional Dalmatian song to further the authenticity of the experience. You would never get this kind of warm-hearted attention in a hotel, regardless of how luxurious it may be.


Ever heard of Klapa Music?

Here is a nice example:


Things you see during the cruise…was this real?

Mike spotted a dolphin swimming and jumping out of the water as we were heading to our new destination. We couldn’t believe the scene was real. The captain enlightened us with the fact that Adriatic is full of dolphins and we are likely to see more.

Gulet Cruise

While we were cruising towards our next destination, a pleasant sense of community evolved. Those who are able to look deeper and further can spot a difference between everyday communication and the one that scratches the surface. This is what happened when we were eating our breakfast. It was very tasty, needless to say. Nearing island Brač, we soon spotted Pučišća …

Our destination for that day – Pučišča! The Hidden place that you should visit…

Pučišća is one of the cutest medieval towns in Croatia. It is rather small, but that only adds to the charm of this golden nugget. We were really eager to explore it closer. We went off the board and walked the streets of this hidden treasure, surprised at how almost all of the town’s facades are made of white stone. It just seemed so clean. One could almost feel or even smell the history of this amazing place.

The sun reached the zenith and it was time to get back to our gulet where lunch was waiting. Awesome – again! The Chef really put all his artistry to prepare the best meal possible.

Some of us went sunbathing after the meal, others decided to play some cards. Time passed quickly, as the sun lost its power and the crowds in the port weren’t as feverish as just a few hours before. It seemed as the laid back culture of the Mediterranean put a stop to the fervent over-productivity the Modern World demands of us. And it felt great, doing nothing. Nothing at all and everything at the same time.

Friendship demands time and we had plenty of it. Do you know how to spot a real friend? Some say a friend is someone who you feel comfortable around even when not talking or feeling the urge to do so. Enjoying the company of those close to you is enough to lift your spirits high and above.

doing nothing but everything


The sun went down quickly after late dinner. We weren’t tired this time and we had more than one reason to celebrate the moment. Things can get a bit wild when we celebrate each others birthday and this time it was no different.

The Party was on. So was our friendship!


Christine brought a guitar with her and we joined in as the band, Mike turned odd objects in a percussion and we contributed the vocals. The more we sang off-key the bigger the laughs were. We couldn’t believe how much fun we had and who would have thought that forgetting about adulthood for a while could bring about so much creativity.

The beat went on. And on.

Christine proposed that we sleep on deck. We immediately agreed.  It’s summer after all and the air is far from being damp … How come we didn’t do this on the first day?

Sleeping on deck was probably the best slumber I’ve ever had. And there were plenty of reasons why we needed a good night’s sleep.

After all, day 3 of our goolet cruise was close …


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