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Yachting Investment Opportunity – Unique Charter Management Project

I have written about a new Sailing Yacht concept emerging in Croatia and how it all started. But this post is not about chartering a yacht. This post is an introduction/invitation to one of the most extensive financial opportunities in yachting at this moment.


Sailing yachts shown on this page have unbelievable potential. They are fully booked most of the time and are in very high demand. Lucky groups that manage to book a charter on one of these vessels receive fantastic value for money and a holiday of a lifetime!

To get a better idea about what yachts we’re talking about, here’s a quick summary:

  • They are from 40 to 50 meters in length
  • They have 5 to 8 crew members
  • They provide ultimate “mega-yacht” type services
  • They serve the best food and wine and provide a fantastic array of watersports
  • They have a steel hull, which means lower maintenance costs
  • They do not cruise as fast as mega yachts, as average speed is 12 to 14 MPH, and most of them can’t sail as well as the Maltese Falcon
  • Their charter prices are not in the mega yacht price range (from € 150.000 - €  400.000 a week) but more in the price range of € 40.000 - € 70.000 a week on average

Why is this such an attractive investment?

At this very moment, Croatia has a perfect combination of:

  • Being a safe country with one of the best positions in the world for a yacht charter
  • Becoming one of the most substantial yacht charter places in the world, with incredible demand due to 1200 islands, a clear and safe sea, and one of the best cuisines you can find
  • Powerful ship-building tradition that transferred into the deluxe sector a couple of years ago and shows enormous promise
  • Being in great demand by charter brokers
  • In comparison to some other yachting destinations in the Mediterranean, Croatia still offers very competitive prices

Around ten years ago in Croatia, a similar expansion of mini cruises launched, and more than 100 vessels were built.


The Opportunity

Goolets are currently offering an exciting and unique charter management opportunity, where we:

  • Build a yacht for an investor (investments start at approx. € 3 million)
  • Arrange all the paperwork, flag, licenses, and maintenance, and monitor the entire project from A to Z
  • Manage the crew and all charter activities
  • Ensure the yacht is fully booked through our extensive range of charter broker partners and direct marketing efforts

In essence, the investor does not need to do anything but provide financing!

The projected Return on Investment is 20% year-on-year from a € 3 million investment.

Sunset on gulet

If you are interested in the entire breakdown of the opportunity, please contact us and we will call you to explain all the details of the investment.

When we exchange information and know exact expectations, we will send you precise calculations and project details.

As boatyards in Croatia are limited, as is our capacity for this project, the investment opportunities are also limited.

We look forward to meeting you and to working together on our future projects.

Mitja Mirtič

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