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Ultimate luxury yacht charter guide

One of the finest and most enjoyable holiday experiences. 

Except: Bespoke cuisine, most extraordinary destinations & locations and first-class Services


Thousands of luxury yachts to charter - the best way to start

The luxury yachting industry can feel overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from. Trying to figure out if Indonesia is better than the Caribbean and if the € 150.000 yacht is truly so much better then the one for € 50.000 can be mind-boggling.


If you do not have the time to do complete market research, there is a shortcut. We like to call this shortcut a fast “brainstorming session.

  • Tell us what you like to do on your holidays
  • Give us a bit of insight into your group
  • We send you back great ideas
Send Inquiry

How does brainstorming work?

We brainstorm back several ideas and explain why we believe they could be interesting for your group.

You will either like your ideas and in that case, we will dig deeper, send additional options, educate you on the most important facts and guide you through the process.

If you hate our ideas, all you need to do is explain why you hate them, and we will send you new yachts based on your feedback.

We repeat the process until you are happy.

7 luxury yacht charter industry facts

1. Main yacht charter destinations

You can rent yachts all over the world, but the main destinations are:

Palm tree, blue sea, sky in Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas
  • The Caribbean
  • Bahamas
  • Mediterranean
  • South Pacific
  • Southeast Asia
  • Indian Ocean
  • Dubai & Mexico
All Goolets Yachting destinations

2. Different types of yachts

Yachts are separated into yachts with a crew and yachts without a crew.

We only offer crewed options, which we like to separate into 3 main categories:

  • Mega Yachts (prices over € 100.000 per week for charter)
  • Motor Yachts (modern vessels ranging from 20 and up to 50 meters or more)
  • Classic Yachts (combinations of wooden yachts, gulets, schooners, etc…)

3. Crew on yachts

Each Yacht comes with an experienced crew, that will make sure you have an unforgettable experience onboard.

They are separated into 4 sections:

All about you crew.
  • captain & sailors (responsible for managing the yacht and safety)
  • chefs (responsible for your taste buds and eating)
  • services (responsible for serving food & drinks, cleaning)
  • luxury services (masseuses, guides, instructors, baby sitters and more…)

4. Yacht charter prices & budget ranges

We like to put yachts in 3 different price ranges:

  • Mega yachts: from € 100.000 all the way up to € 2 Mio per week or more
  • 6 stars vessels: from € 50.000 – € 100.000 per week. Superb yachts that range from 30 and up to 60 meters in range
  • 5 stars vessels: from € 10.000 – € 50.000 per week. Superb services and great crew, providing ultimate experiences.

5. How many people can rent a yacht?

FX38 Back view

We have yachts that are perfect for a honeymoon couple and several luxury motor sailers that can take up to 40 people at the same time.

Most yachts, however, can take from 8 to 12 people.

6. Things to do while on yachting holidays

Besides eating gourmet food and enjoying the luxury features of a yacht, what can a person actually do on a yachting holiday?

Here is a list of some of the activities:

  • swimming in the best bays (avoid mass tourism)
  • tons of water sports activities for active people
  • unwinding (massages, sunbathing, reading, meditating, sleeping, watching TV…)
  • wine tasting (exploring local or foreign wines in local tavernas and cellars)
  • partying (going to a different club every evening or having parties on a yacht)
  • thematic sightseeing (exploring towns, exploring beaches, exploring archeology sites, exploring churches, exploring bars, exploring interesting towns & villages, exploring nature wonders….)
  • thematic activities (yoga, meditation, health, dancing lessons, learning any special knowledge…)

This is just a short list. Your activities depend on your wishes and imagination only.

7. How to get the most out of your yachting holidays

With so many different options and not having a 100% clear picture of what would be the best for your group, good advice is crucial in this step.


We take a lot of pride in our customer support and we know our clients do not have a lot of time to search hundreds of yachts or learn about dozens of destinations. So we do this for them.

Here is what we do

STEP NO.1 – Find a perfect combination of destination & yacht & route


  • BRAINSTORMING: exploring all the combinations that would be the best fit for your group (different destinations, yachts, routes, ideas)
  • DRILLING DOWN: narrowing the options to maximum 2 or 3 that would work best and then exploring in detail, which ones would be the best fit for your choice.

When we use this process, the clients always find a vessel they thoroughly enjoy on a route that is the best fit for them.


STEP NO.2 – Preparation & finalisation

If we wish to make sure the holidays are not good, but great, the preparation is everything. Supreme satisfaction is in details and our customer support team will tailor everything according to your wishes:

  • Route organization
  • Food organization
  • Drinks organization
  • Activities
  • Transfers
  • Strong likes & dislikes
  • Communication with the crew
  • Special celebrations

We help you plan it all. And we also prepare the crew, so they are 100% ready for your arrival.

Ready to start planning? Start here by submitting inquiry form or read further.

Top 10 most interesting yachts for charter

The best way to see what types of luxury yachts we provide, and what is available is to check them out. And this is also a good example of how our “brainstorming process works”.

  • You check the yachts for charter below
  • You let us know which one you like with some comments like "Yacht Freedom looks great", "Would like to rent something like this in Turkey", "We are 20 people, not 36" or "Can we see the options"
  • We send back the email “build around your questions” and it gives us a great base to find something really good in the end.

Our selection of Best Luxury Yachts in different price Ranges

These yachts will give you a good overview of the market. You can browse more yachts via our yacht fleet filter, however, 80% of the yachts from our portfolio are not published on our pages (instructions of the yacht owners).

So what you see on the page is not everything that is available:


Luxury yacht Utopia

  • Caribbean Yacht Charter (winter)
  • Mediterranean Yacht Charter (summer)
  • 71 meters
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • 16 crew members
  • Price range: € 435.000 – € 465.000 per week
Learn more about Utopia

Mega yacht Highlander

  • Caribbean Yacht Charter (winter)
  • Mediterranean Yacht Charter (summer)
  • 49.45 meters
  • 7 cabins for 12 guests
  • 11 crew members
  • Price range: € 150.000 – € 190.000 per week
Learn more about Highlander
Lamima 1

Mega yacht Lamima

  • Indonesia Yacht Charter
  • 65.2 meters
  • 7 cabins for 14 guests
  • 20 crew members
  • Price: € 133.000 per week
Learn more about Lamima
Mercury 1

Superyacht Mercury 

  • Croatia Yacht Charter
  • 50 meters
  • 5 cabins for 12 guests
  • 12 crew members
  • Price range: € 170.000 – € 185.000 per week

Classic yacht Seagull 2

  • Croatia Yacht Charter (winter)
  • 54 meters
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • 9 crew members
  • Price range: € 95.000 – € 110.000 per week
Learn more about Seagull 2

Mega yacht FX38

  • Turkey Yacht Charter
  • 38.2 meters
  • 5 cabins for 10 guests
  • 7 crew members
  • Price range: € 110.000 – € 125.000 per week
Learn more about FX38

Deluxe yacht Cassiopeia

  • Croatia Yacht Charter
  • 34 meters
  • 5 cabins for 10 guests
  • 6 crew members
  • Price range: € 85.000 – € 100.000 per week

Luxury yacht Dalmatino

  • Croatia Yacht Charter
  • 43.5 meters
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • 8 crew members
  • Price range: € 48.500 – € 56.900 per week
Learn more about Dalmatino

Motor yacht Freedom

  • Croatia Yacht Charter
  • 48.2 meters
  • 18 cabins for 36 guests
  • 8 crew members
  • Price: € 64.000 per week
Learn more about Freedom

Classic yacht Dolce Mare

  • Turkey Yacht Charter
  • 36 meters
  • 6 cabins for 12 guests
  • 6 crew members
  • Price range: € 28.000 - € 41.500 per week
Learn more about Dolce Mare

Comparison between yacht charter and other ways of holidays

We believe that renting a luxury vessel, exploring different destinations every day without moving from one hotel to another, escaping crowds and mass tourism while enjoying some of the best cuisines in the world is the best concept of a holiday in the world.

But how do luxury yachting holidays compare with other types of travel?

Let’s explore.


Yacht charter & luxury hotels


While MEGA yachts have rooms that can compare to the best presidential suites of hotels, the winner in this section is a hotel. Yachts have limited space and it needs to be optimized. If it is a huge room you are searching for, then the hotel is probably a better option.

Hotels are not really limited in size and the most luxurious hotels have rooms that are much bigger in size than on yachts. Rooms on yachts are probably made from more high-quality materials, but can not compete in size.


Hotels can provide a larger variety of food as they cater sometimes to thousands of guests at the time. However the best chefs in the world I would say work on yachts. The food is agreed upon in advance through great planning, so no need to choose from 500 dishes and create a meal for yourself on spot. On a yacht, you express your wishes in advance and then the entire cuisine is tailored to your taste buds. You only get 20 dishes, but you will love them all.
And yachts also get extra points for scenery. Food just tastes so much better when eating in an isolated bay with your family only, overlooking the sea and pine trees and listening to crickets.

Food in hotels can be truly spectacular as well, but the feel of large restaurants is just so much different, then enjoying a meal on a private yacht.

This one goes to Yachting.


This one is close. The best hotels have so much to do. From playing tennis to water sports, climbing, massages, golfing, tons of animation going on. There is a huge variety of things to do.
On yachts, the story is more or less similar to hotels. You can do everything, however, it all belongs just to you and your small group. No lines. No mass tourism. No other pesky tourists. No crowds. Just you and your imagination.
Another win for yachting.


While hotels do offer unlimited sightseeing options, they all have 1 thing in common. You have to board a bus, a shuttle, or even your private limousine and need to “drive” to a destination full of crowds and other people.
I can not imagine a more luxurious way of sightseeing, then your entire hotel (and room) going with you – on the sea – to the next destination.
While staying in a hotel you probably have more different options, the “Yachting type of Sightseeing” is so stylish, that it is just a clear winner.

Relaxing on gulet and drinking
Other guests:

Probably the best part of renting a luxury yacht is that it is a private charter. It is just you and your closest friends and family. No masses. No other people you do not know, but your crew.
Hotels can be amazing, but you need to tolerate lots of other guests. If you prefer privacy, yachting is the way to go.

If you agree with us and you also think to rent a yacht should be your next holiday, send us an inquiry and let’s start planning now.

Final thoughts:

From our experience, the people who usually go to hotels and then try a yacht are the most surprised by:

  • Privacy they get
  • How tailored everything is to their wishes
  • The beauty of secluded bays they can only reach by boat
  • The accommodation standards and all the amenities yachts have
WINNER: yachts

Renting a yacht – or renting a luxury villa


The design and the imagination of architects that build several luxury villas are just out of this world. Villas have the largest rooms, private pools, huge kitchens, and bathrooms and when comparing budgets, have the best accommodation options from all travel types.
Yachts are great, but can not compete in size and accommodation with super luxury villas.


When you have a great chef in a villa, he can compare to chefs on a yacht. Also, the concept of food organization is similar. You will not get 500 different meals in a private villa like in a hotel, but it will be tailored to your taste buds.
And while meals could compare to those on yachts, the views can not. And a great view while eating is almost as important as the food itself. So this one goes to the yacht.


This one is not even close. The most luxurious villas usually are located in beautiful places, with limited activity possibilities. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, however, the activities you can participate in on a yacht or in a hotel are usually much more varied than when you rent a luxury villa.


This one is also a bit limited when you rent a luxury villa. Sure you can rent a car or have transfers organized to take you to the best destinations, but the drives will usually be longer and not very comfortable.
If your idea of a holiday is to stay in your property, read a book the entire week and not move anywhere, then luxury villas are fine. However you also have this option on a yacht, you move around without actually moving, so this is still a plus.
Another win for the yachting industry.

Other guests:

One of the best parts of renting a luxury villa is that it is just your place. No mass tourism and most of the time you are not located in a very crowded area.
So this is very similar to renting a yacht. This is a tie.

Final thoughts:

From our experience, the people who usually go to luxury villas and then try a yacht are the most surprised by:

  • How easy it is to move around and by how many more things they managed to see
  • The range of activities they are able to do while on a holiday
  • The different snorkeling and swimming options they get to experience every single day
  • How good the food tastes with the stunning views they have during meals
WINNER: Yachts

Yachting or cruising


Large cruise liners are also ships – and as big as they are, they have limited space. The rooms on luxury yachts might be a bit smaller, but the quality of materials and the design are better on a yacht. Yachts win this round by a little bit.


Food on cruise liners is really good. And there is a lot of it. Options are almost unlimited. Similar comparison as for hotels, while cruise liners actually can compete with the views. Due to a truly large variety, we wanted to give a slight edge to the cruise ship here, but then we remembered that sharing a restaurant with 10 other guests or with 2000 other guests makes a large difference. So a win for yachting here as well.


You can do all sorts of things on a cruise liner. Go to the theater or cinema. Go to the casino. Have a huge spa. Go to the large gym. Join several animation programs. Not a lot of adrenaline water sport options, but a lot to do.
If you are more into going to a casino, cruise liners are great. If you like to stay more connected to the sea, do sports, swim, and snorkel, a yacht is a much better thing to do.
So this one is a tie, as it depends more on your personality than on the range of possibilities you have.


To be honest, no other holidays offer such a large range of sightseeing options then cruise liners. All the towns and ports and different countries you can do in a short time is astounding. A win for the cruise industry in this regard.

Other guests:

Cruises are great, but they have one large setback. They are really crowded and there is no way to escape the masses, lines, and contact.

Final thoughts:

From our experience, the people who usually go to cruises and then try a yacht are the most surprised by:

  • How calm and relaxed everything is
  • How it is all tailored to their wishes
  • How much more connected they are with the sea, nature, swimming,…
  • How much different things they still get to see and experience, even if the area they cruise in is smaller
WINNER: Yachts

Crewed yacht charter & bareboat charters


Finally a win for yachting. Bareboats can be large and luxurious, but accommodation levels can not compare to what a crewed luxury yacht can provide.


Bareboat charter means you need to prepare meals by yourself. If one of the people inside your group is a 5 stars Michelin chef, then we have a competition.
However most of the time this is not the case and you will eat much better when “renting a chef” on a yacht, then preparing meals on your own.


The best thing about a bareboat charter is that you really have complete freedom to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish in however way you wish to do it.
Bareboat charter yachts usually do not have so many water sports equipment, but they are close to yachts when it comes to “things you can do” while on a holiday.


Some people would say you can see more things if you are your own captain and go wherever you wish. The only thing is you can go anywhere with a yacht as well, however, the captains usually know the areas and all the hidden spots, that “normal” occasional skippers do not. So you will see more when having a seasoned skipper to advice you, rather when skippering the boat on your own.
A win for yachting.

Other guests:

If you do not like other people around you, the bareboat charter is by far the best option you can have. Not only do you have the privacy of your boat, but you also do not have a crew. So it is 100% you, your family and your friends.
The bad part is you have to do everything on a vessel on your own as well, but this section is about other guests and other people. And on a bareboat charter, you have none next to you.
So a win for a bareboat charter.

Final thoughts:

From our experience, the people who usually do bareboat charters and then try a yacht are the most surprised by:

  • How much more time they have just for relaxation. No need to cook, clean, drive, worry about whether…
  • How much space they have and how much more comfortable in general they have
  • How non-annoying the crew is and how well they can respect your privacy if this is what you wish.
  • How good the food is and how experienced the captains are, showing them places they never heard about before.
WINNER: Yachts

As you are on a luxury yachting site, I guess we could be a bit subjective and could never let any other type of holiday win.

But this is really what we believe.

Yachting is the best type of holiday you can have and we will be happy to help you organize it.


We can help you find your dream Gulet

We know that organizing gulet charter holidays can be tiresome. There’s just so many different vessels to choose from! But if you plan the right way if you are a bit adventurous and if classic hotel holidays are not anymore your “cup of tea”, then we can be of a great assistance.

If you still have some questions, here are the most FAQ and the answers from the expert

The most common option is to charter a yacht on a weekly basis (7nights - 8 days). You can also rent yachts for longer or shorter periods of time:

  • Daily charter or event (cruise or static)
  • 7 days
  • 10 days
  • 14 days
  • 1-month charters
  • Or even 1 year charter for trips around the World

Not all yachts offer all options, so it depends on the availability of the yacht.

There are a number of different factors that affect the price of your charter yacht. The most common determiners are:

  • The size of the yacht (the bigger the yacht, the higher the price)
  • Year of built (newer yachts are usually more expensive)
  • The destination where you rent the yacht (some jet-set places like Monaco, for example, will have higher prices, then some areas where competition is higher and destination is not as known)
  • Do you rent in LOW SEASON or HIGH SEASON
  • Negotiation skills of your broker in some cases
  • Early booking or last-minute promotions

The prices for charter will vary anywhere from € 10.000 per week and up to € 1 Mio per week, while on top of this you can expect extry 25% and up to 30% of extras such as food, drinks, port taxes, VAT, fuel, tips,... (different yachts have a bit different expenses).

We like to separate yachts into 3 price ranges:

  • Up to € 30.000 per week
  • From € 30.000 - € 100.000 per week
  • More than € 100.000 per week

You can charter luxury yachts all over the world, but most common locations are:

  • North America
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • The Caribbean including Antigua, Bahamas, Leeward Islands, and the Virgin Islands
  • Corsica & Sardinia
  • Croatia & Montenegro
  • Cuba
  • French Riviera including Cannes, Monaco & St Tropez
  • Greece & Turkey
  • Indian Ocean
  • Italy & the Amalfi Coast
  • Northern Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Pacific
  • Spain & the Balearic Islands

The prices on our page are calculated on a 7 nights/8 days basis. If you wish to rent a yacht for more days, you divide the weekly price by 7 (getting a daily price) and multiply this by the number of days you wish to book. For shorter dates, it is common you divide the weekly price by 6 and then multiply this by the number of days you would rent a yacht.

Different yachts have a different price policy when it comes to charter so you need to pay attention also if VAT is included in the charter price or not and also what is the size of VAT for the country where you are renting. Also, this number can change, if your charter takes place in different countries during your charter.

All this information will be supplied to you and calculated during your sales process with your personal advisor. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to money.

Not all yachts offer the same price policy, but most of the time it is like this:

Charter prices include:

  • the yacht with crew services
  • all necessary equipment
  • insurance for marine risks

Charter prices do not include:

  • VAT
  • provisioning (food, drinks)
  • fuel charges
  • Electronic communications
  • canal fees
  • harbor dues
  • local taxes and specific marina fees
  • re-delivery fees

Different yachts have different price policies when it comes to extra payments, but on luxury yachts, the most common concept is APA.

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance, usually paid with the second payment for charter and the amount is usually equivalent to 25% or 30% of the charter fee.

Means if your charter fee is € 100.000 , extra on top you need to pay € 25.000 or € 30.000 to cover APA.

APA is intended to cover expenses such as fuel, food, drinks, port fees, and ad hoc incidentals. It is given to the captain before the start of your charter and he will ensure the yacht is fully fuelled and provisioned when you step onboard.

During the charter, you can always ask for an up to date summary of your account, but it will usually be submitted to you at the end of the cruise.

If the expenditure exceeds the sum you already paid, additional cash funds will be required on spot before your final disembarkation. Any remaining credit at the end of the charter will be reimbursed in full.

There is standard wireless internet access provided on most of the yachts, however, some areas of cruising have very limited signal and thus internet can not be guaranteed at all times. If you anticipate regular use of the internet and require large bandwidth during your charter, it is important to note this in advance, so any needed upgrades are organized and the itinerary is planned in a way that will enable this possibility.

You have 2 options:

  • Browse hundreds of yachts online. Contact 5 or 10 different yachting companies. Try to gather as much info as possible and try to figure out which yacht matches your wishes and personality the most.
  • Or get a “personal assistant” that will do all this instead of you. Take 5 minutes of your time to inform him about YOUR WISHES and YOUR PERSONALITY and EXPECTATIONS and he will do all the steps from point no.1, to find the best options for you.

We believe in customer support and in the “human to human” approach and will be happy to assist you in this quest.

When we help you find your dream yacht and destination, the procedure is the following:

  • all the info is double-checked (prices, conditions, everything...)
  • we sum up all your wishes about itinerary, food, drinks, activities (basic info) and make sure that all your wishes are “okay with the crew and yacht owners”
  • the contract is created and signed, and when the deposit payment is paid, your yacht is secured

6 weeks before the start of your charter, we go into all the details of route, drinks, food, menus, drinks, activities, transfers, allergies, dislikes,...everything needed, to take your cruise from good to great.

Your itinerary depends on several different factors. The first factor is, of course, your wishes, which ports you would like to visit, and what are your expectations when it comes to sightseeing.
Your personal advisor will advise you on all these things, however, there are some points you need to be aware of when planning the route:

  • The speed of the yacht
  • The weather conditions
  • Availability in a particular marina
  • Flag restrictions in some countries
  • Visa requirements
  • The fuel consumption or re-delivery fees

We will be happy to provide you with several route ideas and proposals where you will get the most out of your yachting holidays while having enough time to unwind and relax.

On most yachts, smoking is prohibited, however, policies vary a lot, so it is important to check this with your personal assistant (charter consultant). Because of safety regulations, smoking in cabins is prohibited on all yachts.

Yachts come in all shapes and sizes and the number of guests is usually determined by the number of cabins and yacht size. On most yachts, the maximum number of guests allowed to sleep on board by law is 12, but there are yachts that are appropriate for smaller groups (with 2 or 3 cabins only) and we have larger options, that can accommodate up to 40 people in some destinations.

Tips are discretionary, however, it is customary for a charterer who has enjoyed the kind of attentive services of obliging crew to extend gratuity.

The industry standard is approximately 10% of the charter fee, but this amount can be lower or higher, depending on the client's level of satisfaction.

To make sure the tips are distributed equally is to entrust the distribution to the captain. This way nobody in the crew (also the ones that had less contact with you but were crucial to the success of your charter, like engineers and culinary staff, wouldn't be overlooked.

Renting a luxury yacht is an ultimate travel experience, where there is zero room for mistakes. You should rent a yacht that will 100% match your wishes and expectations. Anything short but a spectacular trip is out of the questions.

Finding an appropriate yacht, with more than 3000 yachts available all over the World is just the first step.
Choosing the right itinerary, food and drinks organizations, transfers and other activities are next steps that are just as important in overall yachting experience.
Not to mention the preparation of the crew for your arrival and being there 24/7 during the cruise in case of any needed additional support or in case something would not be up to your expectations,

Your charter broker will be your best friend in the entire organization process and will take your holidays from GOOD to GREAT.

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Understanding your wishes

Understanding your wishes

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